Friday, May 11, 2007

why is it...

...that I love Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape" so much? Every time I hear it, I sing it for hours afterward. WeeeOoooooh. WEEEEoooooh. WeeeOooooh. WEEEooooooh. SweetEscapeSweetEscape...."

...that chocolate never gives me heartburn during the day, but if I eat it at night, I'm pounding my chest within 10 minutes?

...that Conan O'Brien is much more likeable as a guest on Jay Leno than he is on his own show? He was downright endearing on Leno, but I can't stand to watch Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

...that my Albertson's only stocks one scrapbook mag these days??

...that I always run into someone I know when I look like death on toast?

...that I so abhor watering my plants?

...that I have immediate buyer's remorse every time I finally buy something that I've wanted for a reallllllllly long time?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT SONG TOO! I sing it and try so hard to get that fast part down.... not quite there yet.
I do not have an answer for your scrap mag issue. I have buyers remorse myself and most times take whatever it is back, I always look like death on toast but I do not know a whole lotta folks so I don't worry. my plants are only alive because of the sprinkler system, and that occassional bottle of water that I decide to feed to the inside plants. and I am not awake that late to watch Conan but I know he is not a looker!
There I have answered your most sought after questions.
Oh and I think I missed a lunch date... :(
Karen K

Beth said...

What is that line about the refrigerator?

Weeeeeehooooo yeeehoooo

And I wonder about the future of late night TV when Conan takes over for Leno. I might have to switch to Letterman or just start going to bed early.

Disney Scrapper said...

I'm just dropping by all of my scrapfriends blogs and wishing them a Happy Mother's Day.

Amy said...

OH I just adore reading your blog! You brighten my day every time. I have so many of these same thoughts! Hilarious!