Thursday, May 24, 2007

chest and pecans

Today, Aidan and Ian decided to teach their friend Tristan how to play chess.
They named all the pieces for him and explained how each piece moves.

"So the pecan can move this way OR that way?" asked Tristan.
Aidan and Ian both fell into giggles, and Aidan ran to me, saying, "Mom! Tristan thinks the PAWN is called a peCAWN! hahahahahahaha!"

"Aidan, you're the one who keeps saying CHEST instead of CHESS." I've corrected that several times, but he can't seem to break the habit. Suddenly, Tristan's goof wasn't so funny.

Later, when telling the story to Darren, he laughed and said, "Both boys called the Rook, "Brook", until just recently.

Cracks me up. They totally know how to play with those Brooks and Pecans on that Chest board.


Dawn said...

Maybe one day they could teach's on my "Life's To Do List". Then I'll have some fun journaling for the layout as well.

agent713 said...

I have a suggestion. If you'd start calling those nuts PEE-cans like normal people then the boys wouldn't get so confused!!! :D