Thursday, September 14, 2006

things to smile about

I got the funnest RAK (Random Act of Kindness) in the mail this week. Some anonymous person on my scrapbook message board sent me a t-shirt, after I'd mentioned wanting this particular one:

My Sr. Systems Analyst/Developer Nerd Hubby likes it. :)

Tonight, we took the boys to McDonald's to play, as a reward for Aidan's good behavior. When we pulled into the parking lot, I said, "Hey. That looks like Kristi's Suburban." It was! She and her family were there too! It's funny, 'cause neither of us ever go to McDonald's. Perfect - the boys played with their friends, and Darren and I chatted with ours. :)

My brother Rodney called tonight with happy, happy news. I smiled so much during that 41 minute phone call that my cheeks hurt right now.

Aidan created a birthday card this afternoon for his friend Jonathan. I didn't prompt him to do it - he just did. It's amazing. It's full of secret flaps with pictures and messages underneath. That boy is a whiz with scissors and tape!

Ian has been playing practical jokes on me all week. Yesterday, when I was in the shower, he snuck into my room, crawled beneath my sheets and lay there very, very still. When I came back in to sit on my bed and get dressed, I pulled back the comforter ('cause I didn't wanna sit on it), and he scared the bejeebies outta me. Then he laughed his HEAD off. :)

Later that day, Ian raced out to the car ahead of me and locked me out. And managed to flip every button and turn every knob to full blast before I got there. Silly boy. He giggled all the way to Aidan's school. :)

Dani's been practicing for All Region choir tryouts (this Saturday). She takes constructive criticism very well, and uses it to improve her craft. She's amazing. Hearing her sing, even in German and Latin, makes me happy. :)

I got to see a wonderful, dear friend today who I don't see nearly enough and there's really no excuse for that. She's my former boss, and I've always loved her so much. Today, it seemed like no time had passed since I last hugged her neck and laughed with her. I always feel so safe in her presence, and can be completely myself. She's one of my life cheerleaders and is one of the first people who made me believe I was talented. Truly. Seeing Sharon today made me happy. :)

Lots of people this week have told me that I'm cute. Why, THANK YOU! :)

That's all. :)


Martha said...

Aidan is talented with scissors and tape? I"m shocked! Where does he get THAT from???? Is it nature or nuture? Giggle Giggle she types! Your tshirt does look very fine and I'm now wishing I were the one who thought of such a nice friendly gesture!

Anonymous said...

*Giggle* I know who sent it to you! It was me! And I'm so happy you received it and that you (and Darren love it!). You do look cute in it Stace!

Nancy D. said...

Glad to hear Rodney had happy news. That makes ME smile too!

Jerica said...

David has a 'talk nerdy to me button' on his bible cover...