Saturday, September 30, 2006


Last night was Homecoming at Dani's high school.
Since her boyfriend, Brian, is in the band and wouldn't be able to pick her up for the game, he brought her mum over early in the afternoon. Dani is SO not a gaudy girly person. She kept saying, "I feel pimped out wearing this thing." lol!! It was, truly, almost as big as she is. Secretly, I think she liked it, but she had to keep up appearances, ya know. :)

Brian has been here for dinner and games (we like him a lot!), and they've gone to lunch several times (at fast food places near school). But tonight is the Homecoming Dance, and their first OFFICIAL date. (We're stone-age parents and wouldn't allow Dani to date until now.) She has a new outfit, hot new heels, funky new jewelry, and the promise of IHOP afterwards. Life is good for my 15-year old. She's positively giddy, and in turn, so am I!


Veronica in Aus said...

Omigosh!!! That thing is HUGE! And Brian is very cute - what a very good looking couple they make :)

Martha in CA said...

Wellll...where is the rest of the story!

(never heard of a 'mum' for homecoming...I keep thinking you've gone British or Aussie on us and saying 'mum' instead of 'mom'!)