Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the beach

Just for clarification (after my Countdown post)...

I HAVE been to the beach.
I splashed around in the big surf at Pacific Beach in San Diego. (Big Surf because of the storms down in Mexico... which we didn't know about until the Beach Patrol came screaming across the sand, sirens blaring, telling us the beach was CLOSED due to dangerous undercurrents and to get OUT. OF. THE. WATER.)

I've been to Galveston on the Texas Gulf.

I've dipped my big toe in the frigid water near The Golden Gate Bridge. Twice.

I've touched the even MORE frigid waters of the Irish Sea, at Malahide Beach in Ireland.

I've seen the Atlantic as we drove from NYC to Boston.

I've just never taken a beach vacation.
LOVE the sounds of the beach, though. The waves crashing, the sea gulls shrieking, the sea grass rustling. I love the sights - the endless horizon, the ever-changing yet ever-constant landscape of the waves, and the contrast of sand and sky. Heck. I don't really even mind having sand on my hair and down my bra and in my crack.

It's just that I don't think the world is ready to see this bod in a swimming suit. *THAT'S* why a beach vacation doesn't appeal to me. :)

oh - and JAYCE!! You will regret the day you made that offer, 'cause I totally *WILL* take you up on it! :D


Erin said...

I'm a total beach fanatic, and this:
"I've touched the even MORE frigid waters of the Irish Sea, at Malahide Beach in Ireland."
I'm insanely jealous of.

Cara said...

I am thinking since I apparently started this post by my comment, that you need to take a Carribean beach vacation with ME! We should do a girls one! It never matters when you go to another country! Besides, I like places that are a little remote so there are not a bunch of strangers! Another reason that it is the season for a beach vacation is that even the little skinny chicks are wearing swim suits with little skirts on them! Thank goodness! There is a lot better selection now!

p.s. there is nothing more beautiful than the crystal clear waters of the Carribean....Belize, here we come!!!!!!!!!!

Jayce said...

If a beach vacation is what you want I can help you out with that also. My family happens to live in all the great tourist locations. My sister is currently living in Bermuda. She has a three bedroom house. YOu could come to NY with Dani and see Broadway and then we could all fly to Bermuda. She is dating a guy in the Royal Navy so I might be able to help out with England as another destination spot, shortly:)