Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Observations on Wednesday

1. "Do you know what shoots out of this fang? Cannon bombs." - Ian

2. My new favorite word is "manky." As in, "As I was stripping off tonight, I noticed I'd been sporting a manky old photo split on my top all day!!" Crack. Me. UP!

3. My first Room Mom job - provide a decorated box to collect goodies for the Kindergarten TCU basket to be raffled off at the Fall Carnival.

4. Cara doesn't like Baby Ruth bars.

5. Aidan is smart, and today, he realized it for himself. :)

6. The smell of Dani's new Cover Girl pressed powder in a compact sends me right back to high school, big hair, and Journey blaring from my jam box.

7. A pesky squirrel pelted me with pecans this morning as I walked to the car. Fall is coming, Fall is coming!

1 comment:

Beth said...

My daughter has recently begun using deodorant, and we bought her the spray kind. Every time she uses it it takes me back in time to junior high PE class... everyone soaking themselves in spray Secret to get rid of the stinky sweat smell before the next class!

I'm so with you on the pressed powder. Ah, high school!