Thursday, September 28, 2006

Poor Rich Folk - WOO HOO!!

I love me some Poor Rich Folk.

I blogged about them last spring. They played in my backyard for a Fortress event in May.

In July, I called Luke from Gunnison, Colorado to tell him that we (my family) were rockin' the Rockies to our PRF CD. I called him again last month to tell him that a Suburbanful of inner city black girls were singin' to the CD as we drove through East Texas. (In case you haven't noticed... most of the time, these awesome women are listening to stuff like Kirk Franklin, MaryMary, Yolanda Adams, Cherish, Beyonce. That day, I cracked up when they busted out with Poor Rich Folk's music; they knew every word!)

I don't know why I call Luke, exactly. I guess I just want to encourage him and the other three guys to keep doing what they do, 'cause people DO listen, they DO like it, and they DO appreciate it.

Tonight, they updated their blog. I'm so proud I can hardly stand it! I'd love nothing more than to see these four precious guys make it in Nashville. They've worked hard, they've got the talent, but more importantly, they're passionate about the message they're sharing. They're touring, too. If you get a chance to go see 'em, (they play a lot of college campuses and coffee bars), GO. Then tell 'em I sent you. (Check out the tour schedule on their blog.)

Check 'em out!! (Turn up your volume!) Then click on the link and help me get their next record recorded.

WOO HOO!!! :)

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theona said...

Hey Stacy,

I asked DD17 about this group and she said she is familiar with them. Their name and music are getting around!