Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Red Eyes?

Dani started wearing contacts 20 months ago. The privilege was her Christmas present, and she was a happy kid. The optometrist put her in disposable contacts - good for 30 days or so.

A couple of months ago, we started noticing that Dani's eyes were red. She used eye drops, which seemed to help, but only temporarily. Finally, I thought to ask her, "When's the last time you changed your lenses?" She answered, "I dunno." Uh-oh. Not a good answer.

I tried to order a new pack of lenses, but her prescription had expired, so it wasn't approved. I made an eye appointment with a local optometrist.

The appointment was yesterday. The doc looked at Dani's eyes and asked immediately, "Is she seeing floaters? Blurred vision? Does she complain of pain?" No, no and no.

After the exam, he called me back to the exam room. With serious face, he said bluntly, "Mrs. Kocur, Dani has corneal oedema and neovascularisation."

I sat up straighter. What the heck did THAT mean?

"It's caused by oxygen deprivation. When the eye doesn't get enough oxygen, the blood vessels become enlarged. Sometimes, new vessels grow into the cornea. That's what's happening to Dani."

"What..." I began.

He looked at Dani. "How often do you change out your contacts?" he asked.

"Once a month," she fibbed.

"Do you ever sleep in them?"

"Uh,"... her eyes darted from him to me, and then back to him... "Yah."

"DANI!" I hissed. "You KNOW better than that! Why on earth?"

The doctor gave us both a stern lecture on proper wearing of contacts. He said that the problem will probably correct itself if we take care of her eyes and follow his prescription, which is this: special high-oxygen contacts, which she can only wear every other day, and only for 10 hours at a time, until her eyes heal.
She has a follow-up appointment in a week for him to recheck her and see if there's been any progress.

GRRRR. I thought it was cool that she was wearing her contacts for more than 30 days at a time. It was saving me some scratch. I now know that it's not worth it. I told Dani that if I EVER catch her abusing her contacts again (LOL. That just sounds funny.), she'll be grounded from owning them at ALL until she's an adult and totally independent of her Mom. If she DOES sleep in 'em, I'll toss her hip new glasses, too, the ones that scream "I'M A GUITAR PLAYER/ARTIST/WRITER AND I'M COOL, YO!", and instead make her wear big 80s-era butterfly-wing-shaped frames that I can't even believe are even still on the market. That'll teach her.

Please. Use contacts responsibly. I'd hate to have to put YOU in ugly butterfly glasses, but I WILL! And if you're REALLY bad, I'll put little gold initial stickers in the lower outside corner of the lens. Ask me how I know THOSE exist.


Jayce said...

OH don't put the gold glitter inital on her glasses. That is almost as bad a half tinting them the same shade of purple that he big butterfly glasses were, Um I mean are. Next thing she willbe wearing Sergio Valente jeans and high heels. Jeez you are tough!!

Veronica in Aus said...

Oh my! I hope the treatment works....don't mess with your eyes Dani - they're way too precious. And the punishment is just too cruel to endure ;)

Stacie said...

Dani-listen to the dr. and your momma! ;) I had the same thing happen to me. After HS, I never wore contacts again. I'm liking my funky glasses. :)

And I had the lovely big ol' purple frames with the purple lenses when I was in junior high....scary, really scary!


Anonymous said...

Dani.. i know what you are going thru i had that happen also.. BUT my Dr would not let me wear contacts at ALL for 3 months. so i got into wearing those funky black plastic frames that scream.. I am so KOOL...
and i have those 30 day lenses and they are fine as long as you DO NOT wear them non stop.. mind yo momma!

Anonymous said...

I thought you could wear the new fangled contacts for a week at a time?

Shelljo said...

Be very careful--you can't grow or get new eyes. My best friend almost lost her eyesight due to not taking care of her contacts.

Beth said...


She's not alone, though. As an eye doctor, my husband sees that kind of misuse of contact lenses every day. I'm suprised the eye doctor put her back in contacts so soon. Hubby normally says glasses only until the eyes heal.

If she's going to wear them like that, you might invest in some extended wear contacts.


Cara said...

Does Bot still have some of her old glasses??? Threaten to make her wear those! That will scare her into not abusing the contacts!!!! LOL!! Sorry Bobby!!