Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fortress Scrapbooking

Today was scrap day at Fortress.
A couple of first-timers came - Erica's sister, and another new Mom who wasn't interested in scrapping. Says she doesn't like taking pics. She has three beautiful daughters. We'll keep working on her!

Cara, Kristi and I completely overhauled and reorganized the ScrapCloset, which any ONE of you would be scared to open. That nasty dark closet is also home to the sewer pipes, lots and lots of Rat Poison (only one reason you need rat poison, people), and roaches the size of VW Beetles. How sad that it's also where our scrapbook supplies live.

Everytime we have a crop at Fortress, we haul all the boxes and totes out of the closet and carry them down a hall, through the main room, up a ramp, and into the back room where our tables are set up. It's quite a chore.

Today, while we pulled boxes out of TheCloset, we started dreaming of a new space. The thing is, there *IS* no extra space at Fortress. It's an old, charming-yet-decrepit building, with every nook and cranny being put to use. TheCloset was the only space available when I moved the scrapbooking ministry from my home to the Fortress building.

But Fortress Youth Development Center Exec. Director gave us permission to convert the area beneath the stairs, which is currently bright and open and housing a Coke machine, to a scrapbook closet. We get to custom design our new space. I have SO many dreams. Of course, we also have to come up with the funds ourselves, so it won't be happening overnight.

I'm so excited, though. SO excited! Imagine a space that's clean, bright, OPEN, and easily accessible. All we'd have to do is open the doors and there it'd be. No unpacking, hauling, stacking, cramming, cringing, shrieking, praying that a rat's not in residence EVER AGAIN!

Oh, the joys of inner city ministry. I wouldn't give it up for anything, but I sure am looking forward to doing it out of a new closet. :)


Veronica in Aus said...

Stacy - I'd like to donate some funds toward your new scrapbook closet...I'm sure other's would like to too.....can you post a PayPal address to send donations to?

Cara said...

Can I just say that those pics don't do the scary closet justice!!!!!!!!!! The flash made it look to bright and clean and organized! The written description was great! When the box fell over and I had to lean down to pick the stuff up, my heart nearly raced out of my chest for fear of what was down there! Too bad you can't smell photos either! ;)

Stacy said...

oooh, Cara, you're right. There's no light in that closet. It looks brighter in the pics than it does in real life. LOTS brighter. Also... the nasty plywood floor doesn't show in the pics. Ewwww.

Veronica - what a generous thing to offer! You can paypal me at cowtownstacy @ :) Thank you!!

(By the way - you and Cara have met. Do you remember?)

Veronica in Aus said...

Of course I remember Cara!!!

{waving} - Hi Cara!

Jayce in nyc said...

VEronica beet me with that great idea. However I was thinking along the lines of a Home Depot or Target card. Maybe those cubes they have in target would work well in that new area. Share your idea and I want to contribute to it also. But next month, back to school supplies and marching band dues has left me busted with extra funds this month. Jayce;)

Jayce said...

beet? geez I need to go to bed!! that is why you should always preview before sending LOL

AmyJoy said...

Your picture wall looks FANTASTIC! I saw the pics you posted on SS when you did them, but I couldn't imagine that they were THAT big! It's beautiful :) Now, can you come over to my house and re-create it??!?!!?


Cara said...

HI Veronica!!! You should SO come back and visit again. We promise not to make you scrap out of the scary closet! You are so sweet and generous to offer to help with the closet cost!!!