Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Year (so far)

I scrapbooked for ME today. YAY!
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Tonight, after the boys were tucked in for the night and the others of us had settled down to relax, Dani suggested that we watch a movie. Nevermind that it was 10:45. Darren and I both agreed, and within minutes, I'd popped popcorn, tossed in some M&Ms for good measure, and we were all sitting in front of "The End of the Spear". oh. MY. If you haven't watched this movie, go directly to Netflix and move it to the top of your queue. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200 dollars. At first, you'll be asking each other, "What just happened? What's going on?" But stick with it. It'll all make sense, and it comes together BEAUTIFULLY. Watch it. Seriously.

Around midnight, a little voice rang out from behind us. "I SMELL POT CORN." It was Ian. Aidan was standing right behind him. Both of them were sleepy-eyed, and I can just imagine what happened. They were in dreamland when the smell of popcorn wafted into their room. At first they thought they were dreaming, but soon the aroma was enough to pull them out of slumber and down the stairs. They felt completely betrayed. I remember feeling that as a kid, too!

For years, my Mom and Dad would serve themselves heaping bowls of ice cream after we kids were in bed. I'd hear the clinking of their spoons against their bowls, and it always brought with it a feeling of betrayal. How DARE they have ice cream without us kids?? Tonight, I felt so badly for the boys that I almost invited them to snuggle up to me on the couch and dig in.

But I didn't.
They're kids.
They need their sleep.
Besides, they're not old enough for "End of the Spear".

But you are.
Go. Watch. It.


Stacie said...

Great page! Love Ian's answer for "What I've Learned." Crack. Me. Up.

And I will confess that Callistus and I wait until the boys are in bed to have ice cream too. Not always, but sometimes. The boys waking up to the smell of popcorn is like me waking up to the smell of coffee...ahhhhh....yum!

Jina Hinson said...


My husband, Gerald, and I watched "End of the Spear" and I was struck with its message for days.

I went to Curves (my attempt to do something healthy for my body) the next morning, asking God how I could be His witness to these women and He prompted me to mention this movie to one of the managers there. She and I relate pretty easily but I'm pretty sure she's not a believer. I told her that the message was a huge one for me concerning forgiveness--really walking it out in your life. She said she would get the movie and watch it. I hope she does. Whether she does or not, it was incredibly powerful to watch. I'm wanting to see the documentary about the movie ("Through the Gates of Splendor") which interviews the widows and other family members. It should be equally powerful.

Did you see Steven Curtis Chapman's concert tour "Live Out Loud" a few years ago? At some point in the concert, Steve Saint walked out on stage with Micaye and told the story of the power of God's love to transform lives and forgive. Gerald and my oldest son were there and Gerald said it was a most incredible moment.