Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm skurt it's gonna hurt!

Back in May, Dani won 4 tickets to a local water park on the radio - a package worth $76! Today, on our last official day of summer break, we finally took the kids to that park. WHAT FUN!

We slid, splashed, dunked, squirted, sploshed, sputtered, floated, swam, plunged and squished our way through every square inch of the place. Ian was a CRAZY BRAVE BOY and went down even the scariest slides all by himself. He cracked me up, gathering his courage at the top of each one... stepping back, looking around, creeping forward again, then taking a big breath, lowering his octopus goggles (a GREAT find in Target's Dollar Spot earlier this summer!), and stepping off into the great unknown. He arrived at the bottom, every single time, with his mouth wide open in laughter, sputtering and spitting and catching his breath. SO PRECIOUS. Aidan, on the other hand, would've been content the WHOLE time just hanging out under the giant bucket of water, waiting for it to unload a torrent on people below, and behind the many squirt guns and nozzles, aiming at unsuspecting grown-ups.

Darren and Dani spent some time together riding the "big slides" - water roller coasters, if you will. Darren said it amazed him that even going UPHILL, the water's force is enough to keep you going, and going FAST. Fun fun fun!

We used SPF 50, waterproof, and used it liberally. Everyone else looks fine. Little burn. But ME? I'm a crispy critter. My forehead is the color of raw hamburger, and my shoulders and upper back are a nice shade of watermelon. (The meaty INside, not the stripey green outside, you sillies.)

Dani just slathered me down with aloe vera. I can feel the burn rising. I'm skurt it's gonna hurt!


Kelli in NC said...

Where are the pictures?

Stacy said...

Stuck in the disposable underwater camera. :)

Veronica in Aus said...

Hot shower - it'll take the sting away!

Sounds like you all had a blast!

Anonymous said...

vinegar also takes that sting away... see on our last official day of summer break, we girls just went and had our nails and hair done, drank starbucks and shopped... but you are the one that had those two boys... sorry bout that burn... sucks to be you! key to that is.. get out in the sun more before you decide to spend a day in it!

Menjiness said...

What fun!!! Oh Stacy, ouch ouch ouch! I got your burn feels better soon :)

Sue said...

THAT'S what it was...a hot shower and vinegar.

Does that really work????

Anonymous said...

yes vinegar really works.. smells like you are trying to pickle yourself but it makes you feel a whole lot better!