Monday, August 21, 2006


Doesn't he look BIG? Doesn't he look PROUD? Doesn't he look PRECIOUS? He was!

The day finally arrived - the day he'd been anticipating since he was 3. The day that he expected last December when he awoke on his 5th birthday.

He sailed through the first day of Kindergarten with no problems. He loved it. After school, we celebrated at Cracker Barrel with any dessert the kids wanted. (We've been doing that since DANI's first day of Kindergarten. It's where she wanted to go that year, and we've done it every year since.) I tried to change the tradition, because our choices are so much BETTER now. "Are you sure you don't want Marble Slab? How 'bout Chili's? Wouldn't you rather go to Pappasito's?" Dani was aghast that I'd suggest such a thing. We went to CRACKER BARREL, thank you very much, 'cause that's what we've ALWAYS done. Okay then. It appears Dani is growing up, though. She had a salad instead of dessert. WHAT ABOUT TRADITION, DANI, huh?? HUH??

Aidan did great on day 2, too. But on Day 3, he woke up weepy and cranky. He hated the socks I laid out for him. He hated the way I brushed his hair. He hated his favorite cereal. And when we got to school, he hated it. He cried at his locker, and when I tried to walk him into class, he planted his feet and cried, "No no no no!"
His teacher came out, said, "What's THIS? One more hug. Bye Mommy!" As I walked away, I could hear his wimpers... "Mommy. Mommy, Mommy Mommy!" I wasn't as much SAD as I was bewildered. This just wasn't my Aidan. He's always been independent and ready for fun. I mean, ask Grammy and PapPap; they'll tell you: Aidan is the kid who cries when it's time to go HOME!

The next morning, he woke in a better mood, but still said he didn't want to go to school. It's not fun. All they do is learn rules. He doesn't get to play all the time. And he didn't realize that he has to go every. single. day. I left him in tears again on Day 4, despite the fact that I'd tried bribery and packed his lunch with S'more Sandwiches (graham crackers slathered with Nutella and Marshmallow Creme), Oreos and Fruit Roll-ups. (By the way. Don't try that at home. The teacher will send a note home that says "Please only pack one sweet in Aidan's lunch per day." LOL!)

Day 5 was good again. He was reluctant to go inside, but there were no tears. I rewarded him that night with a Mommy Date at Putt-Putt. :)

This weekend, I started talking to him about going inside by himself, something that I truly thought he'd DEMAND on Day 2 or 3. He freaked out when I mentioned it. "Maybe when I'm 6 I'll be ready," he offered.

Today was good. He was excited about school again, and was all smiles as we walked toward the building. He asked to go "the long way", so we did. THen he shoved his backpack into his locker, walked confidently into class, and turned around to give me a thumbs-up sign. I wish I had a picture of that. His crying and pleading last week didn't make me cry, but let me tell you. As I walked away this morning with the image of his thumbs-up and smiling face in my head, my eyes were moist.

This afternoon on TV, he saw a commercial for Braums' Banana Split Sundae. "OOOh. Can I have one of those, Mom?" he asked.

"Someday," I answered vaguely.

"When?" he prodded.

"On the first day that you walk into school by yourself, I'll get you one."

He was satisfied with that answer. Later at dinner, he announced that he was going to walk into school by himself tomorrow. Looks like dessert is on my schdule after school again. I'll let you know. :)


Stacie said...

The thumbs up image got me...tears!

And is he related to my weasel boys? Cuz' that's something they'dve come up with! (the Sundae thing! lol)

Mike Roy said...

I am so proud of you Aidan! I think that "Twitch" and "ReRun" are very proud of you too. Ms. Melissa

Anonymous said...

OK was i not in the same room when that little kindergarten was born??? oh wow he is so big... and sweet.. and he doesn't look so much like LP anymore. ohhhhh i love him.. even though i don't get to see him much...