Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's complementary, my dear

I used to keep a happy box. It contained cards, letters, notes, and clippings that made me happy. I still have that box. It's stuffed to the brim and sitting on my closet shelf. But I don't "keep" one anymore. Instead, now I have notes stashed here and there - in my email, in my PM box on ScrapShare, in the comments sections of this blog, in a clear acrylic box on my desk, on my bulletin board, in the top drawer of my chest of drawers....

I also have slips of paper where I've jotted down quotes that I liked, or snippets of conversations I had with the kids. Those things are strewn about as well.

Mostly, the things I've kept for the last several years have been compliments. Sometimes, when I come across them, my heart heaves with joy. I'm glad I keep those things. They've been my saving grace many times. I sometimes don't respond to the compliments that come my way. Sometimes I'm too embarrassed by them, sometimes they feel undeserved, and ... well, I'm just really bad about accepting compliments in any form. I don't know how to do it graciously. I'm more likely to roll my eyes and make a joke about it.

So now, I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you. THANK YOU. You know who you are. You know the text messages you've sent me, the emails and PMs you've taken the time to type, the notes you've spent .37 on to mail me. Thank you. I may not have answered, but I kept them. I read them. I appreciate them.

Tonight, I received a compliment that made my heart happy. As I tucked Aidan into bed, he said, "Mommy? I like loving you."

If hearts could sing out loud, mine would've been doing so.

I'm thinking of gathering all the compliments into once place: a scrapbook. What should I title it? Would that be completely and totally egomaniacal of me?

They speak truth to my doubtful heart.
I should celebrate them more than I do.
I should believe them.
I should accept them graciously.

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." ~Mark Twain


Veronica in Aus said...

I have a folder in my email account titled "MyHappyFile" - I love looking through that folder.

Do I think it egomaniacal to make a scrapbook about this? NO WAY!!!

I AM worthy ;)
Maybe a play on your blog title - Taking note of the little things, Appreciating the little things

I love the Mark Twain quote too - so very true.

Beth said...

The title should be "The Barnabas Book". Barnabas was an encourager in the Bible. Those notes come from the Barnabases (Barnabi?) in your life.

I have to admit I'm awful at accepting compliments, too. I just don't feel I deserve them most of the time! It's awful. God sends those people my way and tells them what to say, I know, but it's still hard!

Debbie ~PPD~ said...

Cowtown Stacy,

There's been time after time I've read thank you post to you for so many different things from lots of different people. It's "TIME" to let yourself accept these compliments & not let embarrassment or whatever take some of your joy away, it's later than you may think girl *Ü*

Here's a quote for you from one of my favorite line of books...


Someone we admire.
Someone we look up to.
Someone who gives us hope.
Not a myth or an icon or a legend-
Someone solid, genuine and real.
An ordinary person who does extraordinary things.
A hero picks us up when we are down.
Believes in us before we believe in ourselves.
Inspires us to expand and embrace what’s possible.
Helps us realize that we can be heroes too.

Quoted from one of the Good Life books.

Anonymous said...

PPD said it best.
Stacy you are a hero to so many.
Savor the compliments you deserve them all.
Beverly in Odessa

Elaine said...

Proof (once again) that we are twins, separated at birth (born 4 years apart, but whatevah): I have had a Happy File since middle school. And I've been seriously considering consolidating a lot of it (the 2-dimensional stuff, anyway) into a Happy File Scrapbook for myself. I've always *called* it the Happy File, so that's what I'd name it. :)

tosin said...

How about "Amazing Grace" ?


Anonymous said...

How about what you said
things that make my heart sing

Good luck & I can't wait to hear what you decide on.