Thursday, August 10, 2006

the view

I think I've blogged before about the view from my master bathroom window. Every morning, first thing, I sit down there and peer through the shutters at the world below. This morning at barely-dawn, I saw that Dani had taken the trash cans down to the curb the night before, I saw that the neighbor behind us had her lights on already, I saw birds and squirrels scampering about. I noticed that we still have chairs scattered about from our last barbecue (need to put those back in the garage), and that my plants need watering. I love looking out at the backyard every morning. It's one of my favorite activities of the day. (Gee, you think my life might need a little more activity??)

But this afternoon, I struck upon a funny observation. My OTHER favorite view is from the tiny bathroom downstairs. It's situated beneath the stairs, and is sunken several feet below the rest of the house. When I sit THERE and look out the window, I'm gazing UPward instead of down. And this is what I see:

I love the steep pitch of my neighbor's house against the brilliant blue Texas sky. I love the Crepe Myrtle trees with their smooth bark and their fuschia blooms, even in the scorching heat (yes. They're pink. I must be softening.) I once saw a small snake slithering and winding its way up the trunk of one of the trees, and I must say, even though I knew it couldn't "get me", I couldn't finish my business and get out of their fast enough! Now I always check for snakes in the tree when I'm gazing. I love the frame that hangs in the window. I love the birds and the geckos that hang out, and I love how the trees bob and dance in the breeze, when there IS one.

In this oppressive summer heat (today was the 25th day we've hit 100 or above this summer), we keep our drapes drawn and the shutters closed, to help keep the house cooler. But when I'm in that tiny bathroom, I always pull open the shutters and gaze at the world up there.

I love the view. It's a simple one, really. Not much to see.
But I find myself feeling lifted somehow when I gaze up from below. Thank God for the little things.


Beth said...

We moved from a state highway to the boonies. Sightings of ambulances, fire trucks, un-muffled motorcycles, down-shifting 18-wheelers, etc. were a daily occurrence.

Now I wake up and open the blinds and stare into the backyard, because there are deer and foxes and racoons in them there woods. I've spotted the foxes, but we've only seen the coon and deer tracks.

One morning I will get up early enough to see a deer grazing... one day!

It's so nice. I love the quiet. Finally.

Veronica in Aus said...

I know that view. I have peered through that very window myself. It is a very nice view too! (but I would NOT have been happy to see a snake :eek:)