Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Short People Got No Reason

This, from Dani's blog:

grim news

I went to the doctor for a well-child check-up today, and also to get my Tetanus and Hep A shots. We went through the routine: blood pressure, height, weight, etc. The nurse kind of gave me a funny look and marked something on her sheet. Anxiously, I waited for the doctor to come in. Again, we went through the routine: "Breathe in deep, say 'ahhh', bend over and touch your toes." Then she pulled out the chart.

"How bad is it, Doctor?" I asked.

"Better than we anticipated," she replied. "We've seen some progress, but I do admit that it is minimal. But there's still hope."

I let out a sigh and prepared myself for the worst. My doctor gave me the Look; you know, that sympathetic, 'I feel your pain' look that they get when they're about to break the bad news.

"We can expect for you to grow to 5'0, or 5'1" she finally said.

I felt the tears flood my eyes as I let the heartbreaking news overwhelm me. I had never held out much hope, but that last bit that I did cling to was now completely squashed.
We discussed my options, how I could still live a normal life, and I allowed myself to accept the reality that is my height.

Please keep me and my family in your prayers as we deal with the trauma. Thank you.

posted by Dani @ 8/08/2006 10:36:00 PM

I'm 5'2". Darren's 5'5". Poor Dani.
She's short, but isn't she GORGEOUS?


Ginger~InGer said...

oh Im so sorry.. :( {{{Dani}}}

I was reading this to DH and he said.. hook her up with Tyler! ;)

Tyler is 14 and has just reached 5 feet.. he is SO proud to have finally hit it!

Beth said...

She is beautiful. Those blue eyes and that hair color that most women PAY for! She's a beauty. From what I've read on your blog, she's smart and musically talented to boot!

And she's not short. She's petite!

Jonesee said...

She is beautiful and a talented storyteller and writer as well!


Elaine said...

My mother, who is 5'1", has always said that "God stops when He reaches perfection. He just thought I was perfect sooner than most people." :)

Seriously, though.... I grew another 1.5" in college. Late bloomer, I am.

Menjiness said...

Dani has so much beauty in her. She is soooo beautiful. Just tell Dani, great things come in small packages! She is one great kid!

Nancy D. said...

Oh dear! She never looks her height in photos!

Prolly shouldn't mention Emma's height to her....

{{{{Hugs}}}} to Dani.

....and DANG it, I need to make the same appt. for Kait.

Martha in CA said...

Nancy D's kids are taller (and almost taller) than moi. The one that isn't taller (well, as of a couple weeks ago)...we wear the same size Crocs!

At 5'4" myself (mom used to be 4'11"...doubt she is now, and dad is 6'3") I'm not so sure being tall is all that it's cracked up to be! Of course, I don't KNOW that, but thats what I tell myself!

And Dani is BEE-U-TI-FULL!!! From the inside out! That is far more important!

Veronica in Aus said...

She most certainly is! And a very good writer too :)

Jackie Gallop said...

Average average! I'm almost 4'11 and the view is great from here. Dani IS beatiful and very talented, what a great girl!

agent713 said...

Hey, at least she'll never have to worry about guys being shorter then her!!!

Dani is incredibly talented in her writing and I assume her music (I have yet to hear her) but I know that her height will never hold her back :)


Cara said...


Here is the good news about being short: You are never too tall to date a boy!!!! Tall girls are limited! They have to always wear flats and never get to wear heels for fear of towering over their 5'9 boyfriends. Just a thought!!

Terri in BC said...

Tell Dani to hang in there - my oldest is only 5'1" and is finally seeing the benefits of being petite. (cute clothes, taller boyfriend, and loves her little Ford Focus that no one else can drive because somehow she has set the seat permanently forward!)

Amy Bryant said...

LOL - I'll be the odd man out and say that I found an amazing sense of humor in Dani's post!!! Not only is she beautiful, but she is funny and expressive as well! That girl can WRITE! And she had me hanging on every word!!!

As far as the diagnosis... it's kinda like hair - if you have straight you want curly - if you have curly you want straight. I am 5'9" and would absolutely be overjoyed if I could be petite.

But, I do see both sides of the coin. Don't worry Dani - your big personality will more than make up for anything you lack in stature!!!