Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Photos - real and imagined

Tried posting photos again, both from my Image Event site and by uploading directly to Blogger. Tried copying code from a previous photo and changing the URL, but got the dreaded red X. Still using IE. Will try Firefox tomorrow, after I figure out how to get it and use it.

In the meantime, let me see if I can paint a mental picture for you. (I don't have an actual photo anyway, so this should be fun!)

So Dani's in 10th grade now. LOVING not being a freshman anymore. She was mean on the first day of school and told some scared little Fish that there IS a 3rd floor at their school. There isn't. She made up for that later by walking another Fish to her class after she got lost.

But it was on the SECOND day of school that she really got knocked down a notch or two. Before class, she was sitting sideways in her desk, talking to her friend, with one leg thrown over the metal bar that connects the seat to the table part of the desk. When the bell rang and class began, she swung her leg over like she's done a hundred times before and started to swivel her butt into place when something went terribly wrong.

Before she could stop herself, everything went into super slow motion as she fell backwards... out of her seat, ONto her rear-end, landing on her purse and smashing the display thingy on her cell phone. Bummer.

While the teacher and most of the class was saying, "Oh my gosh! Are you ALRIGHT?", she was laughing hysterically. "I FELL OUT OF MY DESK!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...." she roared through embarrassed but wild, rocking laughter.

She is SO like me. That's exactly what I'd do if I fell out of my desk. In fact, yah. Um, it happened last week.

I was sitting at MY desk in my studio in the next room, while Dani sat here at the computer. Too lazy to get off my butt and walk 2 steps to my paper trolley, I instead leaned way over in my chair to grab the paper I needed. Suddenly, in slow motion, the wheels on my chair lifted off and I found myself flying towards the whole rack of paper. I started yelling, "HELP! HELP!"

I was stranded on my knees, with the chair on my back. If I moved in any direction, catastrophe would ensue. Paper would go every which way, I'd probably break the window behind me, and I'd knock every thing off the magnet board in the process. (My studio is TINY. Seriously. It's like a deck of cards in there... if one thing gets wonky and falls over, the whole room is sure to follow.)

So, like a champ, Dani came running in and saved the day, lifting the chair off of me and helping me to my feet. All the while, I was GUFFAWING at the top of my lungs. "Dork," she said as she moseyed back to the computer.

I wish I'd been in her Latin class when she fell out of her desk so I could have muttered "Dork" to her.

Like mother, like daughter.


Dani said...

Let's clarify that I was not embarrassed. In fact, that was the best thing that had happened to me all day cuz it made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

oh my.. i am silently laughing at work so that noone knows that i am on the internet when i should be working.. Dani you are like your dad you told a FISH that there was a third floor?? are they still looking for those stairs? Stacy I am invisioning that fall of yours.. reminds me of the TPing incident when you twisted your ankle... HAHAHAHHAHAHA

Diana Sioux said...

Don't know if you've tried this for loading photos, but I was having lots of trouble too. For me, it had to do with my cookies. (Don't remember what the exact help screen said.) If a photo won't upload, I go into my Control Panel and delete cookies, temporary Internet files and the history and it works! I sometimes have to restart before loading the photo, but it's worked every time.

Good luck!

Veronica in Aus said...


You painted a very good picture with words! I can see it all CLEARLY! And I am laughing so hard it hurts!!

Diana - Thanks for that tip - I'm going to try that one myself!

Cyndy said...

Oh-You are a member of the GGO too! Graceful Girls Organization!

When I was teaching I did the SAME thing and leaned too far when the chair rolled out from under me. My all star move came when I was putting papers on the wall, while standing on my counter (both of these happened during rest time in my K class, different years though). I stepped and felt it coming. All I could do was whisper-yell at the child I was most likely to land on "MOVE!" He did and I landed was a thud. Cody says, with serious concern "Are you OK Mrs.C?" I can't catch my breaqth fron laughing so hard. He starts to giggle too. He turned out to be one of my favorites. Oh then there was the Kindergarten picnic last year when I was subbing, ended up on the grouond there too. See a pattern.

Falling is fun! The official GGO motto!

The Stopper Family said...

Sorry to hear that your photo posting is still a struggle but you painted a great picture with words of Dani's day!