Friday, August 04, 2006

little things (again and again)

Today, cloaked in a plastic breastplate and weilding an inflatable sword, Ian cried, I'm a WARRIOR!!!" in his best battle voice. Seriously. He can roll his voice as well as any actor I've ever heard. Then he calmly followed with, "I'm a dwarf warrior. 'Cause I'm really small." Cracked. me and Dani. UP!

A few days ago, Aidan said, "Mom. Are you gonna take a shower?"
"WHY?" I asked.
"'Cause you smell bad."
"Thanks for letting me know," I scowled.

Dani came bounding into my scraproom and just about tore my head off in a gigantic squeezy hug.
"WHAT ON EARTH?" I asked. "What's that about? What a sweet hug!"
"Meh," she retorted as she turned on her heel and walked away. "It's from Martha. She just told me to give you a big squeeze from her [on IM]."

Darren came home late tonight from work. As I was throwing dinner on the table, he slipped into my hand a miniature Three Musketeers bar, undoubtedly pilfered from somebody's candy dish at work. That man knows the way to my heart. <3

"Want me to put the boys to bed tonight?" asked my daughter.
Should I ground her for asking stupid questions? No?

We had kielbasa, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner tonight. Aidan made islands with his mashed potatoes that got smaller with each bite. "OH NO! Another wave!" he'd say as he scooped up a slice of island onto his fork. Meanwhile, Ian forked a piece of sausage and yelled, "RUN FOR YOU LIFE! METEOR!", as he twisted and hurled his meteor through outer space. As it neared his mouth, he yelled, "TURN!"... and it did. Aidan planted green beans in his potato islands. One fell over. "The tree is DEAD," he explained. "Gotta eat it now." Ian kept spearing meteors until he had 5 on his fork. "METEOR! METEOR!" he exclaimed. "They're called MEATY ORS! BWAHA HA HA HA!" I said. "MEATY ORS!" Ian just looked at me. He didn't smile. He didn't laugh. His eyes just danced and said, "Mom is lame."

"He doesn't think it's funny because HE didn't make it up," quipped Darren.

True, that.

Playing with your food at dinner.
Gotta love the little things.


Veronica in Aus said...

Ahhhh! These made me smile :D

Stacie said...

Oh my! It IS the little things! :) Your kids crack me up too!

Bev in OH said...

I LOVE it! Most people (probably myself included) would chide their children for playing with their food. As I was reading your entry, all I could think of was 'How cool! They're actually *eating* their dinner AND using their imaginations!' :-)