Monday, August 28, 2006

Rain Glorious Rain

Finally. Our dry, parched, panting yard has been given hope. There *IS* rain in them there skies.

I can't even remember the last time it rained on my street. It's been a long, oppressive, dryyyyy summer. Oh sure, we've had rain if you listen to the weather teams on all the local networks. "A trace of rain here, a downpour there." One week, it poured a mile away at Cara's house, but all I got was thunder. A week later, it rained 2 miles to the north and 3 miles to the east, but nary a drop in my yard. Last week, Darren and I hopefully watched the real-time radar on (Yah. We're nerds.) as a nice-sized thunderstorm popped up just west of us. Then it dissipated right before our eyes. A few days ago, Darren called from his office. He works in a high-rise and can see our neighborhood from his window.

"You're about to get rain!" he enthused. "I can see it over at Trinity Plaza!" That's just down the bluff and across the river from us. But alas. It dried up before it crossed the river. Stupid rain.

Today, I had JUST settled down at my desk and was sorting pictures when Darren burst through the door. "Come out on the porch with me!" he begged. "It feels WONDERFUL."

So I obliged him, and followed like a good little puppy, annoyed that I was having to get up and thinking, "How good can it feel? It's 100 degrees again."

As soon as I stepped out the door, I knew something was different. What was it? That smell. Like the mountains after an afternoon shower. That sound. Like the rustling of trees in the fall. That STICKINESS in the air. Could it be... YES! There's a drop! And another! And another and another and another!

"BOYS!!" I bellowed through the door. "Come out and play in the rain!"

And so they did.
Life. It's good. :)


Cara said...

Whoohooo!! We got it too! I know that sound silly to say since we live less than a mile away but you are right....close proximity has not made a difference this summer! I can hear it RIGHT now! Very exciting since day before yesterday we had dark clouds to the east, lots of thunder and not ONE DROP of rain! I need to be fun like you and let the boys play in it! I'll go do that now!!!

Patricia said...

Please send some our way, I am sooooo ready for fall!!

Martha said... favorite quote ends with
Let me Splash in the rain, and remember the days of childhood forever!

Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than to see kids splashing in puddles! Takes me right back to my own little kid days.

May it continue to fall...

Anonymous said...

Maybe I can get you to come visit me in Oregon.....we get LOTS of rain.....and if that's not enough to entice you, you could possibly meet Ali E....cause she and I live in the same town :)


tosin said...

I LOVE the smell of rain!

Good for you too for getting out there and enjoying it.


Diana Sioux said...

We had about 4" over the weekend. Wheee! DS and I were out shopping. We pulled into the parking lot of Goody's just as a monsoon came. I suggested waiting a bit to see if it would lighten up. He wanted to "run for it". So we did. And we got completely drenched. And man, did it feel good.