Friday, April 21, 2006

what's good for the soul

1. Laughter. Much laughter, while chatting on IM with Marfy.

2. Concern, in emails from several friends, saying "Uh Oh. I've never known you to be this angry. How can I help?" I didn't respond, but I love you all for sending them.

3. Family. Eri, you made my week. Maybe even my month! Thanks for laughing with me and making me laugh and making me remember that life is good. I'm so glad my brother married you!

4. Karen saying, "I love you. I'm here if you need me. By the way, are you gonna photograph my wedding or not??" (YES! I am!)

5. Admonition, in an email from my sweet friend Colleen, who put a new spin on Jesus' command to forgive 70 times 7. Maybe he didn't mean "forgive your neighbor for 490 different wrongs against you". Maybe he meant that even if I have to will myself to forgive him, even if it takes 490 times before my heart actually DOES it... well then. I need to forgive 70 x 7.

6. Beth Moore. We're doing her "Living Beyond Yourself: exploring the fruit of the Spirit" study, and can I just say...sometimes that woman says things that hit me RIGHT.BETWEEN.THE.EYES. As in this: "And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees ..." (Ezekial 36:27). Move me, God. Move me! I want to forgive, 'cause you've commanded it. So put Your Spirit in me, and move me!

7. Confrontation. When it's needed. See what happened when I got over myself and confronted the print shop that so badly messed up my business cards that I'd spent WAAAAAY too much time fussing over? They reprinted them, perfectly, and I'm a happy camper, and proud of the result. And that's good for my soul, too.

8. Singing. With Darren on piano and Dani on alto... tonight, the song we sang last night - the one that brought tears to my eyes and ministered to me, is playing in my head. It goes like this:
"Lay your burden down, every care you carry and come to the table of grace, for there is mercy. Come just as you are. We are all unworthy to enter the presence of God, for He is holy. Lift up your heart, lift up your hands. Fall on your knees and pray. For the King of Kings and the love He brings is here in this place."
Listen to a snippet here.
You know what's awesome? That I serve a God who is Holy and perfect, but who allows me to fall at His feet anyway... in my tattered, soiled clothes and with my bitter, parched heart. 'Cause at his table is grace and mercy, laid out for even me. And THAT is good for my soul.


Nancy said...

I am so glad to hear that you have found some peace! It is amazing what happens when we can focus on the positive in our lives, it helps to balance out the difficult, hard to get over parts.


Sue said...

I LOVE the business card...LOVE IT.


karen said...

I feared that you would look at it that way... i deleted a couple emails that said I LOVE YOU SO MUCH... by the way can you do this for me??? cause i know how you feel and i sure would think WHAT THE....... but i do love you and I only trust you to take my pics : )
glad you are going to give up your afternoon for us! you rock!

Martha in CA said...

IM really is a 'good thing', isn't it!

I'm just so proud that I managed to not pee on the couch!

Love you.