Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I have a cool blog entry in my head about ads and images and how they're neato mosquito, and I have another sweet blog about Ian that will require a spoon for Melissa in Oz... but I don't feel like uploading anything so I'm gonna do this silly little quiz instead... stolen from one of Dani's blogging friends.

"List the last fifteen people who have commented on your blog. If someone has commented twice, skip to the next new commenter."

1. Jenny in TX
2. Cara and Michael
3. Stacie
4. Annie
5. Bobbie
6. Jackie
7. Veronica
8. Desiree
9. NancyD
10. Karen
11. Darren
12. Mel
13. jgf
14. Dani
15. Angela

Q: Have you ever kissed 4?
A: Hmmm. I can't remember. I think so! On the cheek maybe. Or was that JennyP?

Q: What's the best memory you have of 10?:
A: Oh my! SO MANY! Chocolate cigars, tent camping, karaoke-ing as dead rock stars, directing VBS together, being there when Audrey was born. Looking forward to adding her upcoming wedding to this list....

Q: When's the next time you're gonna see 6?:
A: Now see, that's a tricky one, 'cause we've never actually met yet! She's one of those people I know from my scrapbooking board who I FEEL like I know. I mean, I've prayed for her daughter since last summer, I always enjoy her posts on the board... so when we DO finally meet, it'll feel like we're meeting AGAIN, not for the first time. Maybe in November. Jackie? Will you come this year??

Q: What do you like about 8?:
A: She's a sensitive spirit. She's generous and giving, even though she's suffering through personal tragedy right now. (Her house burned and she's dealing with the aftermath of it all - and yet finds time and energy to support and encourage others!)

Q: Is number 5 pretty?:
A: Why, yes! My sister is drop-dead gorgeous! She always has been. My whole life, people would say to me, "That's your sister??? She's so PRETTY! oh. But you're CUTE!" It always sorta pissed me off. But now, it makes me proud and happy. She's beautiful, and she's MY sister!

Q: What was your first impression of 7?:
A: FUN! We laughed and hugged in the airport like long lost sisters. I was wearing a silly pink Halloween wig and she walked right up to me, laughing her head off. We didn't stop laughing for 7 days after that!

Q: How did you meet 3?:
A: Another airport story! WOO HOO! I was coming down the escalator at the Minneapolis airport wondering how I'd find my ride, and all of a sudden, I saw Jamie Lee Curtis flashing a camera at me and a cute little boy standing next to her with a sign that said, "the Queen of Scrap, aka Stacy Kocur". Instant friends, we were. :)

Q: Do you think 13 could kill someone?:
A: Well. I gotta be careful answering this one. I know NOTHING about this person. I don't have a clue who they are at all. I've never heard of them. For all I know, this person is an internet axe murderer! (But I followed their link from their comment, and I'm thinking that NO, they probably couldn't. Or perhaps they COULD, but probably wouldn't. Then again... you never know about internet stalkers!) :)

Q: Is 11 your best friend?:
A: Ohhhh. I got a big ol' smile when I scrolled up to see who my #11 was. Yes. Absolutely. WITHOUT A DOUBT. That's why I married him! I'd rather spend time with him than any other person on earth. We always have a blast together and laugh our heads off all the time. We are the same person inside, 'cept he's smarter and I'm cuter. BWAH!

Q: Have you seen 15 naked?:
A: Uh, no. She's my sister-in-law. I don't need that burned into my retinas! I hafta share Christmas dinners and such with her for the rest of my life, ya know.

Q: Has number 9 seen you naked?:
A: Uh, maybe? Welll..... uh.... er.... she's at least seen my boobs. Does that count?

Q: Do you think 2 has a crush on you?:
A: Cara? No. Michael? Definitely no. I think Michael finds me annoying. Although, he DID agree to be my Chinese food boyfriend. (YOO HOO, MICHAEL... Pei Wei is open now!)

Q: What is the last thing you did with 14?:
A: We sang Blackbird together tonight for the boys, at their request, at bedtime. Dani played guitar as we sang. :)

Q: Have you ever been to 3's house?:
A: nope. But I've been invited!

Q: Would you ever kiss 8?:
A: probably if she'd let me. :)

Q: How do you know 4?:
A: She's near and dear to me. We first met years ago online...we share an obsession with scrapbooking. We've shared emails for years, and met for the first time in person last November, and it was truly like catching up with an old friend. I recently spent another 4 days with her in the cold snowy North, and I miss her as I type this.

Q: Have you ever slept with 10?:
A: What IS this, a high school quiz? Oh yah. It is. Ahem. YES. I've shared a bed with Karen. I think. Karen? Have we?

Q: Do you think 12 is sexy?:
A: not particularly. (Sorry Mel!) LOL!

Q: Where is the last place you went with 9?:
A: you mean besides to hell in a handbasket? To Austin and back in a big white van. OH the memories. Those are good ones!

Q: Are you real close to 1?:
A: I don't know her in real life. But she seems very nice, and I like to think we'd be good friends if we ever get the chance to meet!

Q: Have you ever been to the movies with 11?
A: Yep. uh huh. Our favorite movie memory is seeing "Maverick" in an old theater in Bozeman, Montana.

Q: Have you ever gotten in trouble with 2?:
A: Cara and I are generally trouble when we're together, yes. ;)

Q: Would you ever make a move on 14?:
A: She's my daughter. This is a nasty disgusting quiz!

Q: What do you and 4 talk about the most?:
A: I plead the 5th.

Q: How long have you known 15 and do you consider them a good friend?
A: I've known Angela since she married into Darren's family about... what? 11 or 12 years ago? I count her among my friends, yes. But I wouldn't say we're GOOD friends. That's probably more my fault than hers, though. :(


Jenny in TX said...

I feel so honored for my name to be included in your blog and I feel the same way. One of these days I'm going to make it to the Texas Crop!

Dani said...

Yes, please, please, do NOT make a move on me. Stupid quiz....

And yes, it is most definitely a teenage quiz. That's why you got it from a teenage blog.

Menjiness said...

What a FUN FUN FUN quiz. Thank you for the wonderful, kind words. Some of these answers had me laughing so hard.

And Stacy, you can kiss me anytime LOL

Cara said...

I DO love when we get in trouble together!! (at least we have graduated to grown- up trouble which seems to be a lot more boring than all of the stupid, risky teenage trouble!)
Why wouldn't I have a crush on you! I have a "one of my great friends" crush. I don't want to kiss you or anything! I will leave that up to Kristi!

Nancy D. said...

....and I have a photo.....

Anonymous said...

I hope I will see you in November! I'm going to count on it.

Mel said...

That is hilarous... I am going to have to lift it tomorrow.
And I can understand if I am not sexy... cute I may be :)


Annie said...

Yeah, you kissed me. On the cheek. Twice I think.

jgf said...

As #13, I would like to say that I have not killed anyone, but there are days when I might like to do so, but I haven't acted on it yet!

Anonymous said...

yes we have shared a bed... remember when that chick picked up my Audrey while i was sleeping? And Angela have her bacon and sausage attack????

Melissa in AUS said...

You mean you have deprived me of a "spoon moment"!! :O

Gutted, I. am. gutted!

~Melissa in AUS, who is still awaiting the next installment in the "i want to eat the child with a spoon!" saga ;)