Tuesday, April 25, 2006

on shuffle

Thursday night:
Ladies' Bible Study at my house. The dishes from that night STILL sit on my counter, because:

Friday: finished a job that was behind schedule (YAY!), then went to the ER at Cook Children's to sit with Lety. Her little girl Nivia had gotten very sick and couldn't move her neck. I was afraid it was meningitis, but it wasn't. Bad case of strep throat, and an absess the size of a man's thumb in her throat. Hydration, antibiotics and steroids did the trick, though, and she should be home by now. Late Friday night, I went to a friend's house for a retreat, but was only able to stay an hour. It was so good to reconnect with old friends, though. I'm glad I went.

Saturday, we attended Anne's wedding, then went back to Cook's to visit Nivia. On that same day, Kristi was at the ER with her 5-year old Kristopher, who'd cut his head open and needed 3 staples to put it back together again. We also visited Logan, our 13-year old friend who was diagnosed with leukemia in January. He's back in the hospital with pneumonia. :( Heard that a friend who's out of town on business (he's on an FBI trip) was grazed in the head with a bullet Saturday morning. He's fine - just needed some stitches. But hearing the initial report just about gave me a heart attack, because all Tanya said was, "Marcus got shot. He took a bullet to the head."

After several hours at the hospital, Darren and I went out to eat and then to Lowe's. We had planned to kick up our heels at Fort Worth's annual Main Street Arts Festival, but we wimped out. We were too tired.

Sunday, we went to church and then participated in Youth JaM afterward (Fortress's inner city kid's ministry). After that, the girls and ladies stayed for Scrapbooking Ministry. We hauled boxes, reorganized, sorted, filed, and cleaned the whole shebang. Then we scrapped 'til almost midnight. I was exhausted by the time I got home and actually fell asleep before Darren did! (Forgot to mention... During the afternoon, Cara ended up at Cook's ER with HER little boy! It was quite a crazy weekend for Fortress Moms!)

Today, I got to spend the day with my friend Bev, who lives in Ohio but was in town for the retreat I crashed on Friday night. We were both completely exhausted. I'd love to get together again when we're both energized. I know we'd have a blast! We came "this close" to doing something crazy and fun today (which involved a mechanical bull, but I shall say no more). I could see the gleam in her eye, and she could see it in mine, but when it came right down to it, we both knew we didn't have it in us today. Wah!

I dropped her off at the airport and made it back to Fort Worth just in time to attend Dani's Radio Shack Scholar banquet. (She and her fellow scholars were being recognized for having 4.0 grade point averages and/or being in the top 2% of their class. Go DANI!!) Bill Nye the Science Guy was the keynote speaker; he cracks me up. When he's not annoying me. LOL!

Now I'm home for the first time in days. Thursday's dishes are STILL sitting on the counter. And yet, here I sit on the computer, IMing with Jeanne, and Cara, and Sue, Martha, Kim and Nancy. Not the most responsible behaviour, but I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

Tonight, on the way home from Darren's Mom's house (she kept the boys tonight), I said, "They should've played "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!" when Mr. Nye came onstage. Darren said, "They DID play it. After his speech. But the applause was too loud, so you could barely hear it."

"They played 'Thomas Dolby's Blinded Me With Science'", I said.
Darren said he hadn't heard it, and what's more, he's never heard of it. Whaaaaat?? Then I mentioned another song they COULD'VE played. (Can't remember the song now, though... 'cause my brain is mush.) That prompted Darren to say, "I swear. It's like you have a whole music catalog in your head." Then Dani quipped, "Yah. Your brain is like an iPod. On Shuffle."

We all. cracked. UP!
Decided then and there that "on shuffle" would be the title of tonight's blog. 'Cause that's sorta how I feel after this crazzzzzy weekend.


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ginger said...

Man, you have some friends with exciting lives!

Can't believe Darren's never heard "She Blinded Me With Science"! What was he doing in the 80's, studying or something?!?