Thursday, April 06, 2006

POSSUM = 10 points

martha: ok...last game was just a warm up.
stacy played 'GEODE' for 18 points.
stacy: alrighty then!
martha played 'MOUND' for 9 points.
stacy played 'PUTRID' for 17 points.
stacy: I hear that sound again. I heard it last night and thought someone was breaking in. be right back.
martha: 'k.
martha played 'BAIT,BI,AD' for 22 points.
stacy: maybe something's under the house. It sounds like scratching.
stacy played 'ME,VALE' for 29 points.
martha played 'GRACED' for 18 points.
stacy played 'CHEW' for 24 points.
martha played 'MAD' for 12 points.
martha: oh fer cryin' outloud...I should have exchanged tiles last time!
stacy: dang. I think there's definitely something under the house.
stacy: probably a possum.
stacy: We had a family of 'em last year living in our cedar trees.
martha: Hope it's not a skunk!
stacy played 'PANT,PI,AT' for 24 points.
martha played 'GRAM' for 11 points.
stacy played 'QAT' for 24 points.
martha: guess I can get rid of that u now...
martha played 'BEET' for 18 points.
stacy: It's LOUD! I can hear it thrashing around.
stacy: brb. I gotta go wake darren up.
martha: why? to investigate the noise?
stacy: yah. it's something big. sounds like its running and slamming itself against the house.
stacy played 'CHEWS,SOLED' for 34 points.
martha played 'VOX' for 13 points.
stacy played 'LENGTH' for 14 points.
martha played 'RUSH' for 14 points.
stacy played 'FREE' for 14 points.
martha exchanged 4 tile(s).
(several minutes go by while Stacy and Darren discuss the sounds and wait for them to happen again...)
martha: HONKS
martha: heh, heh, heh!
stacy: sorry
martha: np
stacy: steve irwin is on the job
martha: excellent!
stacy: man, i wish you could hear this thing.
stacy: darren thinks it's inside the air ducts!!
martha: ewwwwwwwww!
stacy: you can hear the metal flashing sound when it's jumping around.
stacy: of course, ol' steve irwin wants to get it himself instead of callin' in the experts.
martha: heh, heh, heh!
martha: Do you hear it during the day?
stacy: Idiot. He's goin' outside. Maybe i should get my camera ready.
martha: Is he in his boxers? LOL!
stacy: no. he put some pj pants on tho
stacy played 'IF' for 5 points.
stacy: oh lord. I think he's going under the house!!
stacy: if he gets mauled, I'll kill him
martha: LOL!
martha played 'ENTRY' for 16 points.
stacy: have mercy. he's under.
stacy: 1:30 in the mornin, and my husband is crawlin' under the house with a flashlight and no other weapon.
martha: oh boy...
stacy: to investigate a HUGE noise coming from probably a BOBCAT for all we know
stacy: or a wild turkey - either way, not good.
martha: It's prolly a lion
stacy: (both have been sighted in our neighborhood recently)
stacy: (but not a lion)
stacy: oh. it's my turn again. sorry.
martha: Odd...I would have thought that you're too urban...
stacy: they think it's 'cause of the river that runs at the bottom of the bluff, 1/2 mile from here
stacy: they come upriver
stacy: the turkey may be an escapee from the zoo, 1/2 mile the other way
martha: Could be a beaver

stacy: rofl
stacy: call my cell
stacy: then you can hear this beast
stacy: nevermind. cell is dead.
martha: that too would require that I get up...LOL!!
stacy played 'NAME' for 6 points.
stacy: you're not taking this as seriously as I am! how ruuuuude!
martha: heh, heh, heh!
martha: If I was there, I would have gone out and slayed the beast for you!
stacy: darren says it smells like a nasty barn under the house.
stacy: grrrrreat
martha: I think thats a normal smell
stacy: i dunno. Darren never smells ANYthing. Remember the gas leak? Remember the rotten potato? Dude never smells anything at all.
martha played 'AYE' for 18 points.
stacy: So if he smells a barn, I'd likely pass out from the stench.
martha: oh yeah. forgot he can't smell!
cowtownstacy played 'NICE' for 7 points.
martha: He hasn't determined what kind of visitor you have?
stacy: he's back out there again. didn't see anything under the house. He has a new idea.
martha played 'SAID,FREED' for 16 points.
stacy: he found a nest. doesn't know what made it
stacy: but he can see the tunnel going under the house from the outside a/c unit
stacy: and there's insulation strewn about around and in the tunnel. probably a possum
stacy: a GIANT ONE! lol
stacy: possums are mean son-of-a-guns, too.
martha: OMG!!
stacy: there's yer excitement! FINALLY!
martha: Can he pull the nest out?
martha: Piss off that possum
stacy: NO WAY!
stacy: he'd then have to get a rabies shot which would set me back 40 bucks!
stacy played 'WET' for 14 points.
martha: Gotta get the nest out, then seal up all ways to go under the house
martha played 'FOLIO,ON' for 18 points.
stacy played 'ZOO' for 24 points.
stacy: Mr. Genius has a plan
stacy: God help us all
martha: what is his plan?
stacy: he's gonna spray wasp spray down the hole tomorrow and try to drive it out!!
stacy: rofl
martha: heh, heh, heh!
stacy: i told him I'd google a better solution that doesn't kill the thing. I don't want it DYIN' under there. Then he'd have to dig it out, and ewwwww.
stacy: he thinks it's a momma possum makin' a nest for her babies-to-be.
martha: I'm thinking of Bill Murray in Caddyshack
stacy: Darren is ROFL!
martha played 'ON,JO' for 13 points.
stacy: He says, "I'm changing my mind. I'm gettin' some dynamite!"
martha: excellent plan...
stacy played 'IVY,XI' for 22 points.
martha played 'KEG' for 8 points.
stacy played 'US,GRAMS' for 20 points.
martha played 'ONUS' for 4 points.
stacy played 'RE' for 4 points.
martha played 'ID,LI' for 5 points.
stacy played 'RID' for 4 points.
The System challenges cowtownstacy for word 'All Words'.
Word All Words is valid.
The System lost the challenge. The System loses a turn.
Stacy wins the game!!
martha: another whoopin!
stacy: sorry for taking so long every time!
stacy: I was sorta distracted.
martha: np!
martha: Hittin' the sheets!
stacy: i'm gonna google
martha: google possum? LOL!
stacy: yup
martha: hope you figure it out!
martha: MUAH! be continued.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the "update!" lol Tell Darren to be careful...they are mean little suckers!


Cara said...

I cannot wait to hear the end of this story! Call me if I can come over and watch anything!!! I would love to see Darren running around, screaming like a girl!!


karen said...

OH please please please let me come too! I want to witness this greatness called Darren pissing off a momma possum.... I will pay to see this

Martha in CA said...

Heh, heh, heh!!

Was wondering the possum status!

(and am playing other games of Scrabble in an effort to raise my ranking)

Elaine said...

Note to self: Do not play Scrabble with Stacy.

Let us know what's happened with the possum! And NOW we know why you guys weren't online chattin' with us last night. Hmph.

Stacy said...

aw, E! I didn't even get home 'til 10:00... and didn't log on to IM until midnight. No one was there. Marfy came along a little later. And so's ya know... she regularly whoops MY Scrabble butt. WE take turns. LOL!


Darren bought some fox unrine powder at the local feed store and threw it down the critter's den this morning. We're hoping to hear him packing his bags and hittin' the ROAD tonight! (Hope it's not a raccoon. Fox urine doesn't scare them.)

Martha in CA said...

What I'd REALLY like to know...
How DO they collect that fox urine? What the hell kind of job is THAT?

Hope it works, Stacy!

(I've been playing Scrabble, hoping to find Stacy later...)

Nancy D. said...