Wednesday, April 05, 2006

bloglifted from Dani's Xanga

by Dani

There's something about me and new books. Maybe it's the writer/reader in me, or perhaps it's that the idea of having a new world concealed within the pages of new literature that is just waiting for me to explore it. Whatever it is, I eat through books. It is a hunger that can never be fully satisfied, and whenever I am presented with new books, I devour them thouroughly, barely pausing for anything else. I can finish some books in a single sitting, or depending on the length and the difficulty of the content, it may take me about a week.

In the most recent case, it took me just under four days to read Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. In fact, I got it Friday night around 9, and I finished it this afternoon around 6. I spent the majority of my Saturday on my bed reading, then as much time as I could spare Sunday. Then, when I couldn't sleep last night because I was feeling sick, I could not resist the temptation to turn on my lamp and spent the otherwise idle, wasted time reading further.

I have always been an avid reader. Parts of my room have always been dedicated to displaying my somewhat small collection of books. I have come from Dr. Suess to Babysitter Club to Harry Potter to my now extremely varied assortment of literature. However, I have started collecting Barnes and Noble's series of classic books, which are small, fabric-covered red hardback books with little bookmarks. I own Pride & Prejudice, Emma (also by Jane Austen), and two Sherlock Holmes books, and am looking forward to continuing my collection.

The high I get from books is short-lived, probably due to the speed at which I read through my new books. However, for tonight I am still entranced by the world of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

(for Jenny's reading pleasure, 'cause she requested a fresh entry and I ain't got nothin' to say tonight. Besides... I'm proud as can be that my daughter's an avid reader. She does me proud. :) )


Kevin Land said...

Way to go, Dani. Melissa and I are advid readers, too. We both used to stay up WAY too later reading books as kids.

Bobbie said...

I wish I had this kind of time and desire. I like a good book, I just cannot stay awake when I read. I like John Grisham and will finish his w/one eye open if need be.

Diana Sioux said...

I used to be more like you ... devouring books in no time. Time (age?) has changed me and I'm a much slower reader now. I'm finding I like it. For one thing, good books last longer! :) But I do love a good book. And Pride & Prejudice is certainly one. If you haven't seen the 6-hour A&E movie, I highly recommend it! Colin Firth is an EXCELLENT Mr. Darcy.