Sunday, April 23, 2006

bluebonnet (not)

Oh Texas flow'r of indigo
You have not bloomed for me!
The fields, so bare
Without you there,
Lack any dignity.

I drive along the interstates
And, calling out your name,
See only grass.
No flow'rs. ALAS!
The drought last fall's to blame.

My camera mourns your photo ops
My scrapbooks crave your hues.
My spring's not sprung
My song's not sung
The season missed its cues.

I've given up all hope. I'm spent.
(I really am distraught.)
A bloom! Is it true?
In a gravel parking lot!

(Finally saw bluebonnets today...weak little scrawny things that they were...after Anne's wedding. Such a beautiful bride. Such a sweet, sweet wedding. Such a GLORIOUS way to end it!)

1 comment:

karen said...

do i know anne? I almost thought it was Archer... but am I wrong? I am not sure that was a BLUEBONNET it looks more like a weed.... hey it could have been a buttercup kinda year! that is all I have seen on the highways...