Saturday, April 29, 2006

the week in pictures

Sunday: scrapbook day at Fortress
(these are the Middle School girls sorting paper that's been donated)

Monday: Bev in OH visits Cowtown! (she was here for a retreat that I had to miss, but I got to spend Monday afternoon with her) :)

Tuesday: a picnic of steamed crab legs in the family room.

Wednesday: Dani helped throw a surprise birthday party for her friend Chris - and because she IS my daughter, she took many photos. :)

Thursday: Aidan actually posed for photos - HIS IDEA! - something he grew tired of several months ago. *whew!*

Friday: 3 dates - Mom and Aidan to Taco Bueno and the bookstore; Daddy and Ian to Chili's and the Symphony; and Dani and friends to a Spring Formal at school. She looked beautiful, and she had SO MUCH FUN! Her knees and ankles ached from dancing, and that made me happy. :)

Saturday: afternoon at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum - SUCH fun with the whole family.


IStandAmazed said...

Dani looks so beautiful.

Liz said...

Please tell Dani that she looked gorgeous! (Even though, I'm sure she knew that, one can always stand to hear it again. ;) ) You're right in the earlier entry...the dress is perfect!

Veronica in Aus said...

Dani looked so beautiful - great choice on the dress.

Sounds like a very, very good week :)

Jacy said...

What's happening here....the last time I remember seeing Dani she looked like she was all of 10 and modeling school clothes. Now she looks so grown up and beautiful!! Love the dress, and love the fact that she danced and had so much fun!

karen said...

dani is a sight to be seen...
but wait just a minute.... BOOBS??? I knew she had them but she relly HAS them... Man to have Boobs like that

Anonymous said...

And also looks like that horse is too BIG for Darren! heheheh I couldn't resist.. Love ya D.

Anonymous said...

Har har, K. Love you, too. And Dani's dress would be too *big* for you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes in the boob department... man for you being her daddy I bet you are sick to your stomach... I saw a picture the otehr night of little bitty Dani sitting on SAnta's lap. all of 5 years old and so sweet. Gosh Darn it when did she grow up???? Karen