Friday, February 17, 2006

UBER post

It's true. Sometimes (okay, MOST times), when Darren is droning on talking about his work, my eyeballs roll back in my head. I try to follow for about .17 seconds, but really, tables and charts put me straight to sleep. I realize that it's UBER COOL (Dani will hate me for using HER PHRASE) for tax people to be able to clicky inside a table and add numbers and then clicky again to make those numbers negative and then clicky again and have all the numbers add up correctly and then clicky again to add a title which then automatically causes the whole table to wrap correctly and all kinds of other cool stuff. I realize that this whole project has been an UBER BIG deal. He worked 70 hours a week on it for 6 weeks, learning how to code in some particular language as he went, which according to his boss, is an UBER AMAZING skill. And I realize that as excited as I get about some of my scrapbook ideas turning out on paper the way I saw them in my head, that's the same excitement Darren feels when something in HIS head actually works when he clicks it.

But I didn't REALLY understand until today, when Darren emailed me:

I got some really positive feedback on the Financial Table tool I’ve been working on. The teachers of the training class said that someone said Darren for President” after it was demonstrated. They said everyone was really positive about it. I guess that makes me feel better about the long hours.

Just thought I’d share that with you to make you feel a little better too.

Hope your day is OK with all the sickies in the house.

Love, Me
Congratulations, Darren! I'm proud of you! (And yes, it DOES make me feel better about not seeing you for the entire month of January. UBER better!)

In other news.... Dani and Ian are sick puppies. Dani has a respiratory infection and Ian has a double ear infection, with, oddly, NO PAIN. Both have been running medium-high fever and can barely breathe when they're lying down. They both also have the old-fashioned flu. Did you know that there's a culture you can take for flu? They swab way up in your nostril and lab it. Both of their nasal swabs came back positive for flu. No wonder they've been glassy-eyed and lethargic. Dani's mad because she'll have to miss end-of-six-week exams tomorrow. MAD? She'd rather GO? She is not my kid. Uber freak! Uber freak! (she's uber freaky...)


Karen said...

Yep.. Alex has been running fever and coughing since Monday.. no school this week. poor thangs... I just hope I don't get it. Darren as I explain to people that don't know him is "the HUMAN FREAKIN CALCULATOR" that is his title,

Anonymous said...

And Karen is known as "the Human Freakin'"



Debbie ~PPD~ said...

To me, from the moment I laid eyes on Darren in Texas, he looked what I had in my mind, a genius should look like (hee hee) !! What’d guy, I can’t even get my computer to clicky, clicky right sometimes, must less trying to get numbers to wrap around…etc. LOL
I’m so proud that his hard work & long hours paid off for him. You have a gem (but of course you’re well aware of that already *Ü* ) I love the part where you said “17 seconds” LOLROF!!!!
Give my congrats to him and hope the kids feel better real soon,