Saturday, February 04, 2006

Saturday Shmaturday

1 gallon AMAZING! Liquid Fire! - $20
1 cheap auger - $11
countless trips out the front door with buckets of backed up sewer water, a week's worth of laundry sorted on the kitchen floor ready to be laundered, a whole day scheduled HEAVY with stuff that NEEDED to be done but wasn't because we dealt with the first Old House Issue of the year of our Lord 2006 - aw, shuddup.


Cara said...

What??? What happened? Backed up sewer. Yuck! Please tell me that it was at least downstairs!!!

Anonymous said...

Yah. EVERYthing backed up into the downstairs bathroom, including the washing machine. It filled that shower. UGH. The floor was standing in water most of the afternoon. Thank GOODNESS it wasn't upstairs. Darren thinks the clog is somewhere between the bathroom (which is the last stop of outgoing plumbing before leaving the house apparently) and the street. :( Can you recommend a good plumber?

Cara said...

We always Roto Rooter ourselves first!!!! It's cheaper!!

Veronica in Aus said...

Oh no!!!!

My Dad is a pretty good plumber...self taught of course. He is currently (as I type) installing a new septic system on our house (no town sewage where we live). I can send him over when he's done ;)

Sue said...

Stacy, what's the Sunday morning report??

Stacy said...

Sunday morning report:
I called Veronica after her last post and told her to go ahead and send her Dad over. But we ultimately decided that it'd be cheaper to hire a plumber on a Sunday than to fly her Dad here from Australia. lol!

Pipes are still backed up, so no showers, dishes, flushing or laundry today. The toilets flush, but since the outgoing pipe still isn't draining, I'd rather not take any chances of the toilets backing up into the house again, ya know? We'll call a plumber first thing tomorrow morning. Sunday plumbing fees are astrofreakinnomical, so as much as I'd LIKE to get one over here today, it ain't gonna happen. I'm headed to Cara's in a little while to shower and do a load of laundry. (Seriously. I don't have a single pair of pants that are clean, and there's not a clean towel in the house after mopping up the water yesterday.) Either I'm used to the stench, or the sulfuric acid smell has dissipated. I'm afriad I'm just used to it, though. GAH!

Darren's been working 70 hours a week for several weeks, and he's not finished with his project yet, so he really can't take time off to Roto-Rooter himself. If you'd like to make a donation to our Plumbing Fiasco, I'll be happy to give you my paypal info. ;) LOL!

Elaine said...

Mr. Rooter doesn't charge extra for nights and weekends (REALLY. They don't. We used them a LOT because our issues ALWAYS happened late at night on the weekends), and they tell you your price up front. I looked them up online, and they have a franchise in Fort Worth. Texted you with the number. CALL THEM.