Tuesday, February 21, 2006

airport barbecue and betrothal

Last Tuesday, while driving to the airport to have a barbecue picnic on the floor next to the baggage claim during the Poplins' layover...

Ian said to me, "Mom. I think you can't spell very good."
"Why is that, Ian?" I asked.
"Because you spell my name wrong. You never write a "E" in it. But my name is EEEE-uhn."

I could hardly argue with that. Smartypants.
But isn't he CUTE?

He's gonna marry Alice Poplin, and Aidan's gonna marry Helen. Elaine and I have already arranged it all. Too bad that the girls will both be 6-foot willowy beauties and my boys will hover around 5 and a half feet. Is it THEIR fault that their parents are short? I'm gonna start workin' on their self-esteem early, so that being married to tall women won't intimidate them. Elaine says she'll work on her girls' too, so that they won't feel like they need to hunch over when they're the tallest in the room. :)


Melissa in AUS said...

I keep tellin' ya... Get. me. a. spoon!

Veronica in Aus said...

Eeee-uhn - hmm, that has a certain ring to it ;) Maybe he can start spelling it that way. An original, untrendy name ;)

Yep...most certainly very cute!