Friday, February 17, 2006

God in the little things

Monday, I got an e-card from a friend in Oregon. It let me know that a donation to children's cancer research had been made in my name. It made my day.

Tuesday, friends from Alabama texted me to say, "We'll be at DFW between 5 and 7. Wave as we fly over." Instead, I met up with them at baggage claim and shared a picnic dinner on the floor with my two boys and their two girls, who are all betrothed, by the way. It was a pain for them to go through security again, but they were willing to do it. Spending time with was the highlight of my day.

Later that night, I opened a letter from a friend in Wisconsin. It contained a newspaper article featuring the house we lived in last summer in Ireland. "I was reading the paper, and I saw this house, and I said, "WOW! That's the house Stacy and Darren stayed in this summer!", she wrote. "My husband didn't believe me, so I pulled up the photo on your scrapbook site and showed him. Proof that I DO look at all your layouts!" The note and the clipping made me giggle. I love that she went to the trouble to send it to me.

Yesterday, a friend in Indiana graciously re-cut some sizzix letters for me and mailed them directly to my client in Nebraska, after I had asked for the wrong letters in the first place. She's so willing and eager to help - always - and her kindness warms my heart.

Also yesterday, I received another letter from my brother in Washington. Some horrible circumstances brought us to this letter-writing relationship, but I rejoice in those circumstances, for I'm convinced that God is using them for good. Our relationship is stronger and more meaningful than it ever has been. I weep when I read his letters. He does the same when he reads mine. Thank God for trials and tribulations of all kinds. That verse finally makes sense to me now.

Today, my friend in California texted me. She couldn't have possibly known that I was in the midst of a crying fit in the parking lot of Walgreen's pharmacy at the time. Her text said, "I just texted to say 'I love you'." I called her later to ask what had prompted her message. She said, "Nothing. I was just sitting at work, and I thought, "I love Stacy." So I decided to tell you." "Wow," I replied. "It must've been a God thing, 'cause at that very moment, it was exactly what I needed to hear."

Most believing people believe that when you're tempted to do something bad, it's Satan working on you. But fewer of them take this in to consideration: when you're promted to do GOOD, it's a God thing. I'm lucky to have so many friends who listen to that voice. 'Cause the truth is, God's not only present in the BIG THINGS. He's all wrapped up in the little things, too.


Nancy D. said...

Love ya still today too! :D

Mike Roy said...

I loved this blog entry! It left me with a teary-eyed joy knowing that you recognized God's prompting in all of your friends. Also, it made me happy because I know that recently you have faced some uncertainty with your thyroid and it seems as though God is reminding you, via your friends, how deeply loved you are. God is so good, melissa

Karen said...

i love you too stace.. i just can't texted you cause my man is cheap and it cost .40 cents a message... hehehehe I do love you though