Wednesday, February 22, 2006


The flu sucks.
Hacking cough strips my throat raw.
Every breath seems to trigger a coughing fit.

Forget dainty sneezes. I sneeze like a big hairy man.
Loogies in an array of greenish yellows stick in my throat Laughing hurts.
Until I hack them out. Useless is the medicine I take.

Sniffle, gork, snarf, glurb.
Cough, sputter, shudder, shiver.
Knitted afghan does little to chase away the chills.
Stacy wants her Mommy.


Karen said...

really you want YOUR mom? hehehe I am sure she would take GREAT care of you!!!

Anonymous said...

you want WHO? I am sorry, I thought you said your mommy.


Stacy said...

You guys are right. It's not MY mommy that I want. It's ANY mommy. I just want someone to take care of me. I feel like being a baby. I'm tired of being sick and taking care of sick people. DArren's been very, very sweet. But you know... no matter how old you are, you still want to be Mommied when you get sick. Even if you had a Mommy who wasn't all that nurturing. Don't know why that is.

Cara said...

This is the grossest poem I have ever heard!!!!;)

Jenny said... really are taking the Elton thing seriously, eh?

Get well soon and please don't share any more nasty poems!

Stacy said...

FINE. I edited it.

Sherilyn said...

You could borrow MY mommy, but she really doesn't need exposure to the flu at her age. ;)

Hope you get to feeling better soon. I have something mild, but not too bad.

Annie said...

Well that was pretty visual.

And now that I've got this image of you with long honking green and yellow THINGS hanging out your nose I may have to change the color scheme for the retreat.....

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Hope you are feeling better really soon. Love the poem, even if it is gross to think about.

Anonymous said...

Even when you're sick, your talent still shines through!!!!

I wish I could come take care of you. Dh is in Ft. Worth right now, wonder if we could switch places?

I hope you feel better very, very soon!

-- Bev in OH

Meg said...

Aww Stacy! If I could come to Texas, I'd Mommy you! I could read you a story and make you some soup. Cover you in a warm blanket and put on some great movies. But.... if I got sick from you, it'd only be fair for you to return the mommying!

Hope you feel better soon!

Karen said...

ahh i know how that is, you need that mothering feeling, even if the mother that was given to you would happen to be sicker than you by far and her FLU is the BIRD flu not just the regualr flu...
heheheheh I crack myself up

Melissa in AUS said...

What you need is some toast with a great big helpin' of vegemite on it - all the salt is so good for your heart - tee hee

get better soon