Friday, February 03, 2006

How Stacy Got Her Groove Back

Tomorrow, I'm sending a package to Utah. It contains scrapbook layouts. They're not for a client, but I've sweated and fretted over them as if they were. They feature my own kids' photos, and photos of friends, and photos of my sister's family. See, I'm entering my first scrapbook publishing contest: Creating Keepsakes' Hall of Fame. Twenty-five winners will be announced. Last year, over 750 people entered. I don't stand much of a chance!

I'd become bored and lazy about scrapbooking. I'd worked so much for clients that I'd completely neglected my own photos. In fact, at the Fortress scrapbooking retreat, I didn't even TAKE my own. I was trying to finish a client job. Is that CRAZY or what?! lol

I decided about mid-way through January to give this contest a shot. The deadline was less than a month away when I started. But I've always worked best under pressure, and for the last two weeks, every time I finished a few client pages, I rewarded myself with a page of my own. I've stretched my limits, experimented with new products, tried new techniques... and I've had a BLAST! I'm completely enamored with scrapbooking again.

I decided to enter because I've been coveting the newest, neatest die cut machine, the Wishblade. It would save hours of cutting time, and it would be a lot more versatile and easier to use than the old-fashioned steel dies I currently use. But there's a drawback: it costs $500. It so happens that the prize money for Hall of Fame is $500. I decided to go for it!

Tonight, Darren made the snide comment, "You could've EARNED $500 with the time you've spent on the phone talking about this contest." Punk. He doesn't get it. It's become bigger than the money. Even if I don't win a spot in the Hall of Fame, I have some fantastic layouts that I love (and I didn't compromise my style in the pursuit for publication, so these will be layouts that I'll always love). And, I got my groove back! That's prize enough! :)


Nancy D. said...

Prolly a good thing...FOR THE OTHER CONTESTANTS... that it isn't up for a vote.

Cause we'd all vote for STACY!

agent713 said...

This is exciting Stacy! Can't wait for them to announce the winners!!!
~Heidi...who has her fingers crossed for Stacy.

Bobbie said...

Way cool!!! I am excited foe you girl!!!! Oh, you know the purse you made, EVERYTIME I go somewhere gals want to know where I got it...sooooo, I told the last lady at the Dr. office that you would have a web site soon, she asked me to write it down so she could look for it in the future.....cha ching$$$$$$ I cannot wait to get a box full of your business cards...hurry it up!!! :)

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Awesome Stacy! Good luck!

Jacy said...

Hey Stacy, that is so cool!! Wishing you the best of luck.....I've told my DH for years that you should be published in the magazines....I'm thinkin' now you will! You've got the talent no doubt about it!

I wanna purse too! Haven't had much luck getting on the board so if you've posted about it, I hadn't read about it yet, so congrats!!

Veronica in Aus said...

Yipppeeee!!! So glad you are entering and will be crossing my fingers that you do really well.

Mel said...

Good Luck! You can do it!


scrappygirl said...

I thought that's what you were doing when you asked us all to help you choose a photo! :o) That is so cool, Stacy! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

Kaye said...

I'm sending good luck wishes your way!!