Sunday, February 19, 2006

deep freeze

It was 85 degrees Thursday afternoon. Today, it was 25. No wonder I'm sick!

I stayed in my jammies all day, snuggled under an afghan on the couch, watching the Olympics. I was glad to hear cutie pie Lindsey Jacobellis admit that she WAS showboating yesterday in the Snowboard Cross. But you know what? Haven't we ALL done that? Who here hasn't at some point in their life looked back, gloated a bit, then turned around just in time to run smack into a telephone pole or something? It happened to my little brother back in 1981.

I was 12, he was 10. We lived on a boomerang-shaped street, and our house was right on the curve. The driveway was long and wide, and flanked by two gray brick flower beds that stood about 3 feet off the ground. On a glorious afternoon that I'll never forget, David and I were racing our bikes. Mom and her friend Ann were sitting on the porch watching, and all the neighborhood kids lined the street as we flew past. David was winning, the little turd. I was standing as I peddled, pumping my legs as hard as I could, but I still couldn't catch him on his black Huffy. Just as he entered the curve, he turned to see how much he had gained on me, and when he saw that I wasn't catching him, he started acting a fool, howling and laughing and taunting and BAM!!! A terrific crash into the brick planter, hard enough to bend the wheel on his bike. He went flying over the handlebars and right through the holly bushes that filled it, landing on the other side in a crumpled, whimpering heap. I laughed. It's true, I did. I'm laughing now as I think about it. He was SUCH a show-off, and SUCH a punk to us his whole life. It was sorta fun to watch him make a fool of himself. Am I heartless? Not usually. But in this instance, yes. I was. The most pathetic part of all was that forevermore, he claimed to have hit a pebble in the street that caused him to lose control and steer into the planter. My big white behind. There was no rock, save for the one rolling around in his head after he plowed through the prickly holly. :)

So yesterday, when Jacobellis said she'd lost control during that last jump which caused her to crash, I hung my head. No, Lindsey, don't be like David. You grabbed that snowboard in a celebratory "Look at me, I'm AWESOME and I'm winning and I'm gonna win in STYLE, baby!" grab. It was cool. No one blames you. Youth and inexperience give you a free pass on that idiotic split-second decision. Today, when you admitted it, I applauded.

I love the Winter Olympics! This year, Snowboard Cross and the Halfpipe have been my favorite events. I always love the speed skating, so today was fun. And I'm looking forward to Ski Jumping. I get chills watching those jumpers flyyyyyyyyy. It's magical.

Tonight, I added something to my list of things to do before I die: attend a Winter Olympics. Vancouver 2010, baby! Methinks I need to grow a thicker hide, though. I bet it'll be a smidge colder than what I'm experiencing here today, and I sure have whined enough about THAT.


Part of the reason I've been so cold today is that I'm getting sick. Body aches, fatigue, and chills all day. But at 6:30, something happened that warmed my soul to its very core. My brother-in-law, in town briefly from Tennessee, stopped by with grocery sacks full of soup, crackers, Sprite and Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. And in the other hand..... a Sonic diet vanilla coke with my name on it. My seester must've told him that we're all puny. I love my seester. And I love my seester's husband. Thanks, Santos! MUAH!


Sherilyn said...

That was sweet of Santos. Good BIL. :D

I, too, am an Olympic junkie. The US men's hockey game vs Sweden is on now. I watch as much coverage as I can....recorded 24, Lost, and Invasion to catch up on at some point.

I've been a bit sniffly...I think it may be because the heater is seeing more action than least that is what I hope.

Nancy D. said...

We were 'this' close to loading up the van and heading to Salt Lake four years ago.

But ok. I can drive to Vancouver. I can't drive to Torino. It's a date!

Jenny said...

Ski Jump? We can do that here, there is a great jump in Bloomington. Ben wants to take lessons, I'm not sure my little heart is up for that yet. Can you imagine watching your kid take off like that? Not for me!

Stay under the covers and get well. I'll think of you while I'm playing in the snow this afternoon, in all of my Christmas Story glory. If I tip, you might find me in the spring with the daffodils.

And tonight is Ice Dancing, perfect for watching with some good comfort food!

Anonymous said...

love u DH is an absolute angel, he did not hesitate at all when I asked him to do this small favor. get

agent713 said...

Great story Stacy. With three brothers I can definitely relate :)

Do come to 2010. I'll see you there :)


Terri in BC said...

The Olympics in 2010 is on my 50 things to do before I die list, too. Luckily for me I live here in BC. Come on up, Stacy - it's not so cold in Vancouver. Our temperature yesterday was about-3C (about 26F in USspeak) but I will confess, we actually got our first real snowfall of the year. We had about 3 inches which is already melting. The west coast of Canada is very much like Seattle. I'm only about 1 1/2 hr from Vancouver (unfortunately not in the same direction where the alpine events are going to be held) but you're more than welcome to stay at my home!