Monday, February 13, 2006

15 years, 36 inches

I got this idea from Kristi, who doesn't read my blog (loser nerd), so I don't HAVE to give her credit, but I'm a good friend that way....

ANYWAY. I got this idea from Kristi who scrapped a double page timeline of her marriage. I don't know how she crammed 18 years onto 2 12x12 sheets of paper, because I had a VERY hard time cramming 15 years onto 3 sheets!

Our anniversary celebration this year was decidedly low-key. What'd we do, you ask? Well. You'll be jealous when I tell you! First, we went to the mall to have our portrait made at that place next to Build-a-Bear that specializes in children's portraiture because Darren and I have never EVER had a professional portrait done of just the two of us, not even at our wedding, and I had a coupon for a free 8x10 and was determined to USE it. So we showed up just in time to find - I am not making this up - that the group just ahead of us had ten kids! If you count the Build-A-Bears they all had in tow, there were 20 of 'em. It was mayhem. So we high-tailed it outta there to wait out our 35 minutes in the Food Court. WHEE!

For our fancy anniversary dinner, we shared a big honkin' slice of gooey, undercooked pizza from the Italian place, and ate it with a fork to avoid sloppage. It is widely known that I can't eat without glopping a big hunk of something right smack on my boob shelf. Happens every time. So to avoid any chance of that happening, I only ate two bites, and I ate them very carefully. It worked. No glops! :)

Back at the studio, our photographer asked, "Is there any certain pose you want?" Thinking she was the professional, I said, "Nothing in particular, but I don't want stiff, formal, boring portraits. I want our poses to be casual, relaxed and fun."

Okey doke. She didn't get it. Our portraits looked like really, really bad church directory pictures. You know... me sitting on a stool, Darren standing behind me with his hand on my shoulder. I knew something was amiss with the photographer when she said to me, "Look down. I'm getting a glare on your glasses."... and I said, "But now I'm looking out over the top of my frames. Won't that look silly?".... and she said, "No, you won't be able to tell."

Yah. You could tell. You could tell that I was looking down to avoid glasses glare and that I was staring over the top of my glasses. Not a good look. Plus, when one looks DOWN, one's double chin(s) (oooooh how I hate having to add that nasty S!) take center stage and sing at the tops of their lungs, OFF KEY. Hmpf.

The good news is, I got out of there for only $12, buying only a sheet of wallets of the single almost-decent pose and taking my free 8x10. Thank goodness for the coupon. Dani saw the photo and said, "I could've done better than that."

"Yes, and you will. Tomorrow afternoon," I answered.

"I wasn't offering," she retorted.

"Yes you were," I countered.

Darren and I stayed up til the wee hours that night shuffling through boxes and boxes of old photos, remembering silly things, laughing at funny stories, and having a grand ol' time. As we perused the photos, we also made a timeline of the big events in our 15+ years together, pulling photos as we came across them. Today, I assembled it all and framed it. I love, love, LOVE how it turned out! It will hang on our bedroom wall.

I'd thank Kristi for the inspiration, but since she's a loser nerd who doesn't read my blog, I won't bother. :)


Veronica in Aus said...

Sorry the portrait was such a waste of time....but I love your framed picture - it's totally fabulous!!!

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

The 15 year framed pages are awesome. Sorry your portrait experience was not so much fun.

Martha said...

Bummer about the portrait experience! But in typical Cowtown style, you turned it into a great blog entry and finished it up with a beautiful piece of art work for the rest of us to look at with great envy (and perhaps take a bit of inspiration from!)
Martha C.

Bobbie said...

I LOVE this idea!! You have created yet another master piece. I want a picture, you know, the wallet size you have left on your desk that has MY name on it! :)

Cara said...

So cute!! I only wish you would have posted the church picture! I will be looking for it in the Fortress directory! ;)
I can't wait to do my own timeline! It is wonderful! Too bad that I do have to wait another 9 years! Hope I do kill Michael by then!:))

Cara said...

OOOPS! I really, really meant DON'T!!!!

Jenny said...

The timeline is beautiful!

Colleen said...

Please give a thank-you to Kristi for the idea from all of us! I have GOT to make something similar. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it! I want to see a bigger photo of your timeline though. Can you post a link?

I missed getting your anniversary transferred over to my 2006 I missed it???? Happy Anniversary!

agent713 said...

Looks great Stacy! Happy Anniversary :) Can't wait to see the pictures that Dani takes. I know they'll be awesome :)

Jacy said...

Your framed timeline is beautiful!! As always your talent never ceases to amaze me.

Sorry I missed you last night, would've loved to chat for a few. By the way, all the kids say thanks again for sharing the Taco Soup recipie with us, had it for breakfast today, yummmm......

ginger said...

Love the framed collage, but I want to read it! Can you post some zooms of the writing at the bottom???

Here's my chin advice for posing for photos. Always arrange it so that you are leaning forward. Have Darren sit and you stand behind him and lean over and put your arms around his shoulder/neck. Or lean forward with your elbows on something. Or lay on the ground on your stomachs. I know this because these are the only type portraits I end up liking of myself (inherited some extra chin from my Dad's side of the family that doesn't go away no matter what I weigh!)

Your anniversary sounds like most all of ours. Sometimes those are the best - making fun out of something ordinary, kwim? Congrats to you both!

Karen said...

I want to see the portrait from the kids studio... take a hint chick they specialize in CHILDREN... silly girl.
anyway you are so talented, just thinking I could do an 8x10... that is about how many pictures KRaig and I have... oh well maybe in 12 more years