Tuesday, July 26, 2005

remote blogging

Hi this is Andrew here in the Kocurs house. I'm a bit nervous as this is my first ever blog!

Darren, Stacy et al are all doing fine in Ireland and the trip went well to London. There are a few technical problems in Ireland; a power cut resulted in the computer modem going down and even the technical might of Darren has net yet fixed it. There is also an apparent scarcity of internet cafes in rural ireland and so Stacy has not blogged for a while, hence my step into the technical world of blogging.

There that was relatively painless; I might even try this again!


Colleen said...

Andrew, you are to be commended for taking a leap into the world of blog! Thank you for letting us all know that Stacy and Company are fine in Ireland. We hope that the Owens-Griffiths are surviving the summer heat of Texas. It's not the best time of year to visit here.

Sue said...

Well, so very nice to 'meet' you, Andrew!

And can I say HOW PATHETIC I feel, having checked this site countless times a day for news on Stacy. You have now provided the fix for the next few days. :)

Debbie ~Paper Piecing Diva~ said...

Greetings Andrew & family,

Thank you so much for your blog & letting us know our dear TX friends are doing fine in your part of the world *Ü*

I live in South Carolina, USA & visited TX in Nov. 2004 when Stacy hosted a scrapbooking retreat. It was my 1st visit to TX & I loved it. Hope you & your family are braving the heat & visiting all those wonderful places around Fort Worth.

I can't wait for Stacy to share her vacation visit with us, posting photos & seeing the scrapbook of all her wonderful adventures while visiting there. I'm afraid I'll never make it for a visit to your beautiful part of the world but will enjoying seeing it through Stacy, Darren & the children's eyes.

Welcome to the USA & truly hope your trip will be as memorable as Stacy & her family's has been in your part of the world.

Debbie in South Carolina