Wednesday, July 20, 2005


This is our Irish home.

I think I've found my European twin! (Not in appearance. Tracey is thin and petite, and I am...well, not.) But in the way we make a home, we are so very similar! This lovely house is accented with little touches of family everywhere you turn. The downstairs bathroom features handprints. Everyone who visits is encouraged to paint the palm of their hand, leave a handprint on the wall, and sign their name to it. We'll add ours before we leave. It's sorta similar to the bulletin board I have at home, where I add photos of visitors sitting on our porch swing. This house is vibrant and alive with color. Every room is painted a different hue. We've seen lilac, orange, blue, silver, fuschia.... it's fun. We'll be extremely comfortable here!

The first thing I noticed when I stepped out of the car was the smell of sheep and cattle. The next thing I noticed was the garden. Flowers are in bloom everywhere! I was thrilled to see my very favorite of all, blue hydrangeas.

I left the camera hook-uppy thing hooked up to Darren's dad's computer. D'oh!! So now I'm not sure how I'll be handling my digital photos. SUrely there's a photo shop or even a drugstore in nearby Trim where I can have the photos transferred to CD. Surely. For the photos you are seeing in this post, I used Andrew's camera, which I found sitting here next to the computer. Maybe I'll end up stealing it for the duration of our stay. :)

Tomorrow, we'll see some local sites, including Trim Castle and possibly Newgrange. But now, I'm off to bed. (And it's only 10 p.m.! Can you imagine that I'm going to bed so early??) First, I gotta go sing the boys an Irish lullaby. Too ra loo ra loo ra!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have the time of your lives in Irishland. I miss you guys!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Don't forget my mug from ya sis.

Colleen said...

Top o' the mornin'to ya! (I'm sure it's probably morning there...and I can't imagine you heading to bed that early!)

Wishin' ye the luck o' the Irish while y'er there in the homeland.

My Irish is showing...yes, not only my name is Irish...I have a dash of Irish blood too...(just a dash though...)

The vegetarian meal made me hungry, your Kocur Hotel looks fab and the accomodations there in Ireland look great too. I'll be eagerly reading all about this exciting adventure. I can "hear" you talking when I read.

Anonymous said...

Great house - you got very lucky!

Veronica in Aus