Thursday, July 14, 2005


I finished my last pre-vacation scrapbook job tonight. All told, since June 3rd, I've invoiced 538 pages. FIVE HUNDRED and THIRTY-EIGHT. No wonder I'm burned out. And yet, I still find it blissfully amazing that I get to make money doing this. :)

My house is a wreck. There's a thick layer of dust on EVERYthing from the construction upstairs. Speaking of that.... my handyman (Mr. Mark) finished the repair and texturing today. TOmorrow, we paint. Yay!

I got my hair cut today.... had about 2 inches chopped off. I hadn't had a cut since October, unless you count the 4 or 5 times I've trimmed my own bangs. But you shouldn't count that, 'cuz they looked like I trimmed them myself. I made an appointment two weeks ago for a cut and color. My auburn lowlights are long faded, and I really wanted to brighten them back up in time for my trip to Ireland. But.... I called and cancelled the appointment because I couln't see spending $140 when I'm supposed to be saving for my vacation. Today, while Madalyn was cutting my hair, the stylist at the station next to her was coloring a practice doll's hair. It was a gorgeous shade of red. Madalyn said to the trainee, "Good! You've mastered the dummy. Next, you need to do a live model." I volunteered, and she's coloring my hair tomorrow. FOR FREE. Madalyn will be right there beside her with my color card, making sure I don't end up orange or green or bald. All I have to pay for is the product, which will cost $15 at most. How much should I tip the trainee?? Should I tip Madalyn for overseeing the job? I'm so glad I cancelled that original appointment. :)

I've accomplished so much this past week, it's mind boggling. And yet...

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Cara said...

I would say you should tip both of them with a nice tip! It is such a deal that you give them a larger tip than if you paid full price. Is that answer okay? Just an opinion!

Anonymous said...

What a deal, so a nice what ever you can "really" afford tip BEFORE a vacation of a life time would be great. Or better yet, a "gift certificate" from Cowtown Stacy for (one) 7x7 completed s/b album with pics she supplies to 'ya! You might be surprised what business that special little gift could bring you down the road *Ü*
Deb ~PPD~

Denise said...

Deb hit the nail on the head. Thank her for her kindness in "practicing" on you and then tell her that if she brings you "x" number of pics, you'd love to work some of YOUR magic for her! The only problem there being that your "tip" of the 7x7 album would probably total more than what you would have tipped her in the first place. But I can assure you that ANYONE would consider an album from you a JACKPOT!

Nancy D. said...

Tip what you'd tip for a full price job. Split it between the two.