Thursday, July 21, 2005


1. The Irish drive on the wrong side of the road. Not only that, but they sit on the wrong side of the car. For me, it's the strangest feeling, sitting on the "driver's side", but having no steering wheel there. For Darren, the strangeness comes in shifting with his left hand and meeting oncoming traffic while resisting the urge to swerve onto the shoulder. For Nancy (Darren's mom, who has her own rental car), the weirdest thing is remembering that there's an extra 2/3 of a car on her left that she's not used to compensating for. The Irish drive like raving lunatics. They come careening around corners, in the RIGHT lane, which here is the WRONG lane, and then they swerve over into the LEFT lane, which is the RIGHT lane, just before hitting you head-on. Confusing, eh? It's all very nerve-wracking. After two days, we're finally getting used to it. :)

2. Long days. As I type, it's 9:40 p.m., and it's still light outside. When I awoke this morning (bright eyed and bushy tailed at FIVE FIFTY-THREE....what on earth is THAT about???... it was light, and looked as though it had been for awhile.

3. Cool air. Have MERCY, the weather is gorgeous! The temperature topped out today at about 72 degrees. There's always a gentle breeze blowing. The windows on the house are open, and we drive with the car windows down. I love Ireland! And I worry about the Owen-Griffiths in Fort Worth. That they must bear that oppressive heat after living HERE is, well, SAD.


Sherilyn said...


When we lived in Windsor in late July and early August, Corey was waking up at around 4am every morning with the sun. I was awake by 6:30, as the blinds in the bedroom were not exactly blackout blinds and the sun came right in t me.

And when we drove from the airport to the B&B in Kent our first day, seriously jetlagged, I was glad it was him and not me. He said that right turns really freaked him out, he had to get used to looking for oncoming traffic when turning right.

Living in Holland made me seriously think about leaving Texas for the first time. It was a whole different world, being able to sit outside and eat lunch or dinner in the middle of summer without the heat and the level of bugs we have here. :D

Gld you are having a good time,

Nancy D. said...


This would fall under... they will be ever so thankful for where they live when they get home.


They will fall in love with oppressive heat.

Anonymous said...

LOL - The Irish drive on the same side of the road as I do ;-) Now you know how I will feel when I visit USA!

What is interesting is that the days are really long for you now - when I visited Ireland it was in December and the days were extremely short. Sun came up at around 8am and went down again at around 4:30pm....that was very hard for this little black duck to get used to!

Veronica in Aus