Tuesday, March 20, 2007

secret shame

I secretly love the Filet-o-Fish at McDonald's. When the boys want to eat there, I make the appropriate groans, but inside, I'm doing the happy dance and saying, "ch-CHING! I'm gettin' me a Filet-O-Fish!"

Last year in Minnesota, while Jenny's DH was still in recovery after his brain surgery, she and I went down for "breakfast". It was 10:30. We each ordered a DOUBLE FILET-O-FISH. Cracked me right up that at one of the best heart hospitals anywhere, we were feasting on double filet-o-fishes for breakfast. At least we'd've been in good hands should a double filet-o-coronary have reared its ugly head that morning! It was good eatin'. I knew at that moment that we were friends for life.

Tonight, I was reading along on ScrapShare, minding my own business, when I stumbled upon a thread that rehashed old McDonald's jingles.

"big mac
quarter pounder
french fries
icy coke
thick shake
and apple pies..."

And now I'm jonesin' for a Filet-O-Fish! BAD!


Veronica in Aus said...

LOL. I like 'em too. It's actually the only thing I eat at McD's (OK, so I don't eat meat anyway ;))

Karen K said...

Kraig and I were talking about the Filet O Fish just the other day, however we were saying that the commercial where the fish get dumped on the boat in the shape of the FiletOfish sandwich, and how it would not be likely that I ever eat another one was.... and how one day out of the clear blue I ventured to Mcie D's and order one, just to see if it were the same as I recalled as a child. Can't say I liked it though...

Cara said...

Just say NO....for SOO many reasons!!!

Tonya said...

I can't help with this one. Never had one, but if it is anything like Fish Tacos, count me out.

Just go for McD's Fries...they are the best.

Kaki said...

Stacy! - another common thread between us - Mc's Filet of Fish is my favorite!!!

Amy said...

Oh you make me smile! I love reading your blog, even on a bad day you can brighten my mood!

agent713 said...

Yeah...guess who had a FoF for lunch yesterday. THANKS TO YOU! :P