Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I blame Mecca.

Mecca is my neighbor.
She has a 7-year old girl.
Who's a Girl Scout.
Mecca was the beginning of my downfall, because she showed up on my doorstep with cute little Ella and a Girl Scout cookie order form. Curses on Mecca.

Being the good neighbor that I am, I felt compelled to order. 2 boxes of Samoas. 2 boxes of Tagalongs. 1 box of those new lemon cookies, because they looked scrumdillyumptious.

See, all through November and December, I was on a mission to change my way of life. I lost 17 pounds in those two months. That's Thanksgiving and Christmas, people! THANKSGIVING. AND CHRISTMAS. Seventeen pounds.

Then January came along. I ordered Girl Scout cookies.
I ate 'em, too. Because, after all, Girl Scout cookies only come once a year. (I didn't even allow myself to order Thin Mints, did you notice?? That was my feeble attempt at retaining control. HA!)

Here's what happens when you order and eat Girl Scout cookies after refusing empty carbs and refined sugars for two months: Your body screams with delight, starts jiggin' all over the house, then enthuses, between hysterical fits of maniacal laughter, "SCREW THIS LIFESTYLE. I WANT MORE CARRRRRRRRRRRBS! Mwahahahaha. MWA HA HA!"

And so it began.
The downfall.
With one little Samoa, it all came crashing down around me.

I've gained back 9 of those dadgummed 17 pounds in the past 2 months.
And I blame Mecca. ('Cause surely it's not MY fault.)

I wish I had Thin Mints in my freezer.


Disney Scrapper said...

I feel your pain. Right now I am sitting here looking at my 2nd box of Soamaos trying not to eat them like I did the first box.

Beth said...

Yeah. I blame Mecca, too. Works for me.

Cara said...

I ate some of Mecca's cookies too.(even if Darren did almost jump over the island and try to snatch out of my hand and into his mouth!) I am with you and Beth.....I blame Mecca too!!!

Menjiness said...

Stacy you are not alone. In my journey I have gained back 5 pounds. Same as you, made it through the holidays and fell off the wagon at the end of January.

I blame Mecca too :)

nesa scraps said...

she has the lemonade cookies???? we didn't have those here in our district. just overly crunchy, no taste cafe cookies. bleck.

shame on mecca for not bringing lemon cookies here!

Martha said...

Yeah, I'm with Nesa: you wouldn't be having this Mecca problem if you'd stuck to the Cafe Cookies. Bleck.

Soon she'll be packing up her goodies and going away for another year.

Back on the wagon we go...

Jenny in TX said...

Who the heck can resist girl scout cookies? Not me! I got a box of thin mints as I was leaving the grocery store the other day. I am allowing myself 4 each day and when they are gone - there gone!

No biggie Stacy - just jump back on the wagon and don't sweat it!

Jonesee said...

I have my own Mecca to blame, her name is Natalie. Now where did I put that slim fast bar?

Martha in CA said...

In my neighborhood, Mecca must be pimpin' Sammy. Sammy made me buy 3 boxes of Thin Mints, 1 box of the Sugar Free Brownie cookies, and 1 box of the Values (looks like a short-bread kind of cookie).

So far, it took about 5 days to work through one box of Thin Mints. It took about 20 minutes to take care of 75% of the brownie cookies. They weren't that great, so I had another trying to figure out why I didn't like 'em. And then another...etc.

Damn Mecca.

Damn Sammy.

Tonya said...

Poor Mecca..they were just trying to earn a cookie badge. Evil, pure evil that cute little girl scout.

I blame Orville Redenbacher and El Paseo Mexican Restaraunt. Darn them.

Karen K said...

I blame Tome Cruise..... for some reason I think he had something to do with it.

Karen K said...

I could swear I put the TOM not TOME hmmm. I think he did that TOO. or it was the Scientologist that did it....

ScrapbookDiva (Chris) said...

So, look at it as a treat and jump back on that wagon, girl! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

tommiea said...

lemonade cookies?? apparently the little girls in myneighborhood didn't hock that sweet little tidbit to me....I am a sucker for lemon anything!

so now, get back on the band wagon of low carbs and no refined sugar, and move on!

Veronica in Aus said...

I have the answer to your problems.

Move to Australia. We don't have girl scout cookies.

Problem solved ;)

Kyla said...

My boss had a box of thin mints on his desk today. I nearly stole it to send to you.