Monday, March 12, 2007


I made it! I finished both jobs with time to spare. WHEEE!!

And get this. I didn't even work last night.

As soon as I blogged, I puttered around on the computer for a little while, then realized we were out of milk. I knew I wouldn't wanna go in the morning, after working all night, so I decided I better go "right now". (Plus, I needed caffeine for my all night stint.) So at 10:30, I headed out to Albertson's. A gallon of milk and $30 later, I got a call from Cara...

"Stace, will you be my bodyguard?"

Turns out, 6-year-old Tristan left his beloved blue bunny at the park earlier in the day, and Cara was on her way to search for it. This is the second blue bunny Tristan has loved. It took Cara a year to find another one after the first one was lost. She wasn't about to let this one go without a good search!

So we drove into the Fortress neighborhood, and thanked God for the rain, which was no doubt keeping the prostitutes and drug dealers inside for the night. Even so, I pulled my Xterra up on the curb and turned on my high-beams as Cara traipsed around the park, while keeping an eye out for sinister-looking characters. At one point, I decided it might be helpful to drive out onto the lawn so Cara could have better light. I inched my front wheels onto the grass and quickly decided that, no, Darren and Michael probably wouldn't appreciate a call at 11:30 saying, "Could you come pull us out of the mud?" lol!

Blue Bunny wasn't at the park. Cara was worrying about how to tell Tristan when I remembered that there was a group of Harding University students up at Fortress. (They're here for a spring break campaign.) Sure enough... they were still awake, and guess what? THEY HAD BLUE BUNNY! One of them had rescued him and brought him to the building, knowing he probably belonged to someone at Fortress. YAY!

So I finally got home after midnight, and then just didn't feel like working. Hold on to your seat, 'cause you'll find this hard to believe. I ACTUALLY WENT TO BED. What is the world coming to?

This morning, I hit it hard and early. I worked for 13 hours straight, with only a short break for lunch, a few very breif email checks, and an hour break for 24. At 11:00, I came to the computer to print a couple of titles, and here I sit. But for real... all I have left to do on job #2 is print and adhere the two titles. Job #1 is wrapped up and ready to ship. YAY!!

As I type, my silent giggles are making my chair bounce, for across the room, Darren, Aidan and Ian are playing some silly hampster computer game, and they all three keep cracking up. It's the sweetest sound EVER.


Veronica in Aus said...

Yay!!!! So glad you got it all done!

I went on a late night search for a "bunny" with a friend was about 2 years ago (and the bunny was actually a lamby)....we never did find it though :(

agent713 said...

That's fantastic Stacy! I am proud of you :) Less then a month until I can tell you so in person!!!

Cara said...

How lucky am I to have a friend willing to go into a less than safe neighborhood on a rainy night for a sad, worn, blue bunny!!
When Tristan woke up the next morning he was THRILLED!!! He could not contain his excitement that his blue bunny was found!
The only details that you left out was how you bought me a diet Dr. Pepper, how I was wearing a grocery bag on my head and the panic I felt as I thought you were trying to make me think you were leaving me!! ;) Again, I am lucky to have a friend like you!