Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm back.

I had the most wonderful time at the Upper Midwest ScrapShare retreat. LOVE those wacky women! Pixie stick races, appletinis, graham cracker cake, giant beavers, belly dancing, emissions tests.... LOL! My sides ached by the end of the weekend, and I had a monster headache for the entire last day and a half. I'm convinced that it was brought on by lack of oxygen - from laughing so hard and often! Oh - and let's not forget the scrapbooking. Plenty of that going on, too. For a recap of the weekend, check my other blog.

I arrived home late Sunday night, and Darren flew out for a business trip to Chicago early Monday morning. He got home late last night, and I'm looking forward to finally spending some time with him. It's been almost a week since we've even had a real conversation! I miss my man. :) Hey honey. Wanna have a date? Gotta do it tonight, 'cause our babysitter's otherwise engaged for the rest of the week. :)

As good as it feels to get away sometimes, I feel so blessed that I have a family to come home to. I miss them when I'm gone! Don't get me wrong. I have a ton of fun when I step out of MommyMode. I don't weep and sigh about being away. I revel in it! But I do miss them, and coming home is always so, so sweet. Monday, Ian and I played several rounds of Battleship. It was fun just hangin' out with him; that little dude is a trip. That night, the boys and I had a date to Luby's. See, Aidan came home with this homework about plants. "Draw pictures of the plant foods you eat for dinner." Well. Seeing as how I couldn't convince Aidan that macaroni and cheese grows on trees (and I tried), I decided real quick that a trip to Luby's was in order. We met our friends - Michael and Cara, Brendan and Tristan, who's in Aidan's class and had the same homework - there for dinner. Later, we drew pictures of the things we ate: broccoli, corn, potatoes, strawberries.

Last night was the much anticipated celebration of Poor Rich Folk's new CD release! I've been looking forward to this night for months. The band members are precious to me. I love them all like brothers, and I'm not ashamed to declare my love to anyone who'll listen. Luke asked me a while back to review the CD, and gave me an advance copy. I listened to it probably 30 times in a row before I wrote the review. (Click here to read it.) I wanted it to seem unbiased. Instead, it came off as written by a stalker/uberfan/proud mother. Oh well. It was sincere. I can't help that I love those guys so much. Last night, one of the guitars was wonky... all out of tune and way too loud. It sorta ruined one song in particular, but I didn't even care. I'm telling you. Poor Rich Folk could play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and I'd be dancin' and hollerin' in the audience.

I love the song "Nuts and Bolts". It's just fun. Andy - who I totally left out of the original review because I temporarily lost my mind but I've since completely kissed up and probably scared his wife with my devotion but she's seen me in person and is therefore UNAFRAID, rofl - is amazing on that song. And well, on EVERY song. I wish I had some better pics of him.
"To End This Quiet" is a favorite as well. The emotional energy in that song brings me to near tears every time. So well done.

The best thing about these guys is that they're just so darn likeable in real life. Humble, gracious, honest. I really am blessed to call them my friends. OH. And lest I forget. When I got my paws on the actual CD, I opened up the sleeve and started reading. Each guy had a section of thanks. Then the band as a group had a section of thanks. I was reading along, minding my own business, when my name leapt out at me. "the Kocurs". Be. Still. My. Heart.

Like I said. I love these guys. You will too.
Give 'em a listen.
Buy their CD.
They deserve it.
And besides, I said so.
heeeee :)

Oh. One last thing. Ian lost his first tooth last night just before the concert started. :)


Karen K said...

Oh I am first to post a response.. yea me! I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful trip. Although I don't take you for an appletini kinda person, however I just so happen to make what my dear husband calls the karentini which in essense is the same darn thing. missed ya

Stacy said...

I miss you too! Lunch. Next week. Can you?
Appletini. I wasn't a huge fan. But it's part of the Wisconsin experience. I'd rather have my Colorado Bulldog, ya know. :)

Karen K said...


Patti said...

Stacy---it was really an 'Apple Rita", made with tequila instead of vodka. And it is definitely an acquired taste.

Were you there for the worm problem? When Pat and I took care of the recycling I managed to find the bottle and the worm.....I'm keeping it for just the right occasion! Look out Deb.

The blue raspberry martinis were much better and less wormy! Add them to your list of things to try next year.

And I would love to try a Colorado Bulldog, minus the milk, minus the coke, minus the Kahlua....OK just pour me some of the vanilla vodka!

Beth said...

HEY! Poor Rich Folk can be downloaded on iTunes! I'm doing it. You've been raving about them for so long, I have to try them out.

So, didja pass your emissions test?!?

Stacy said...

Beth, their older stuff is on iTunes, but their new CD, which is SO MUCH better than their older stuff, isn't yet. It will be in the future, but for now, you have to buy the CD. Do it! It's only $13. So worth it. :)

Ramblings of a crazed SAHM said...

I just bought their've definately made a fan out of me, and I've passed on their MySpace page to a list of folks who I know will love their music, too. Thanks!!

Cara said...

"Giant beavers"?????? I am going to need some explination on that one!