Thursday, March 15, 2007

the chuckler

Darren has christened me with a new name.
"The Chuckler."
Evidently, I chuckle a lot.
Especially when I'm IMing late at night.
heh heh heh!

My friend and former coworker Victoria used to say I had a Betty Rubble giggle. I suppose it was true. I laughed a lot at work. Life is funny!

Random people often tell me that I have a laughing voice. I guess there are worse things to be accused of.
I saw myself on video a couple of months ago, and I was distraught at what I saw. When I talk, my whole FACE moves. I look like a cartoon character! My eyebrows, my cheeks, my forehead, my EVERYthing dances all over my face when I talk. It's a freak show. I should charge admission everytime I open my mouth.

I like to laugh.

I laugh loud and heartily.

If something's funny, I'm not shy about throwing my head back and letting it rip.

THIS was funny.
Last November, at my ScrapShare Texas retreat.
Two flies. Goin' to Decatur.
Barry White music playin' in the background of my mind:
"Let's get it onnnn....."
I should jot down the stuff that cracks me up. I think I oughta do a scrapbook page in my Book of Me about those little things that send me into fits of gasping, howling BWAHAHA-ing.
Jog my memory, will you?


Deb ~PPD~ said...

I caught a glimpse of you "the chuckler" in a Nov. video myself. You'd chuckle, then hold it back a little, chuckle again...a little bit more, hold it back...and then an all out BAAAAHHHAAAAAAA (when some Southern chick was all excited about a bridge) LOLROF *Ü*

Deeeebbbbiiiieeee ~PPD~

Karen K said...

trying to smoke a CHOCOLATE cigar... always makes me laugh...

Amy said...

Hey the chuckler isn't a bad nickname, I've been called worse!

nesa scraps said...

yes you should! as a matter of fact, i think i'm going to borrow that idea for mine!

Cara said...

Neivia doing cheers!

Anonymous said...

"Let's get it on..." isn't Barry White. It's Marvin Gaye. But I get the point.