Sunday, December 03, 2006


Dog Lady:
I notice that every day, you dress your dog in a different outfit, and change her leash to match. Is it because you need a hobby? Is it because you have that much money to burn? 'Cause I can help you out in both of those areas....

I think the fact that you're rocking your breast cancer diagnosis by incorporating a huge pink ribbon in to your Christmas yard decor and by throwing big smashing Bosom Buddies parties - well, I think you just plain ROCK. Should I ever have to face such a diagnosis, I hope to do it with the fortitude and grace that you are.

Sarah and Bailey:
It's a good thing I love your owner so much, otherwise I'd string you up by your paws for peeing on my rug.

Every checkout person in America:
No, I do not want to apply for a store credit card. I do not want to save 10% on today's purchase. I do not LIKE green eggs and ham.
Don't ask me again. Thank you.

I miss you. Beautiful brown blobs of bad carba.
*sniff sniff*

the challenge:
This week, your blog challenge was inspired by an old friend - James' Gal from the old S&S days! She's given me permission to say hello and to post her blog here. Check her out!The challenge: Write 5 open letters. People, places, objects, animals. It doesn't matter. Write 5 succinct letters and express what you can't express in person. Strangers? People you'll never see again? People you're afraid to be completely honest with? Corporations? Celebrities? Your sister's cats? Write to 'em.Angry? Disgusted?Enthralled?Amused?In awe?Annoyed?Admiring?Write about it. 5 of 'em.Let it all out. Have fun!


glo-girl said...

oooooh stacy.

i could NOT give up potatoes.

i could NOT.

and ditto the store credit cards-i don't want more debt!!!


Karen K said...

I dress my new puppy in different outfits. She satisfies my desire to have another baby. and i have no hobbies, POTaTOES! they are bad little guys, just had some last night, Credit cards you are soooo right they need to stop asking cause i can't say NO fast enough. and CATS yep I just found a bathroom rug that the cats swore had litter on it, cause it is RUINED.