Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So I was being GOOD and RESPONSIBLE and blogging over at Scrapropos like I should've been doing, and I sorta forgot about the eggs that were boiling on the stove. Until I heard a pop. Even then, I thought it was Ian busting up the house with his toy sword. Until I heard another pop, bigger than the first, and I thought, "SWEET HOLY MOSES on BUTTERED TOAST, those are my EGGS!!", and running to the kitchen, found an expoding, sizzling pan of eggs on the stove, which I tossed into the sink, only to have one egg completely blow apart upon hitting the cold steel. Hoo Boy. My house smells like exploding eggs now. And I have no boiled eggs to nosh on this afternoon.



DebbieJinMO said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhh you so can make me laugh. Sorry about the eggs though. And good luck with you new way of eating.

Kris in TX said...

Yeah, Stace, those are HARD boiled eggs.

Cyn M said...

Yep! Been there done that! LOL I thought I was the only one to have exploding eggs! We thought the "bang" and "pop" noises were the cats getting up and knocking something off the counter!!! LOL