Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I just had the most wonderful night out with two of the best friends on earth. We celebrated our recent weight loss by having Cheat Night. YUM!! Two Colorado Bulldogs, chips and guacamole, Chipotle shrimp, and a slice Creme Brulee Cheesecake later, I'm thinking it was more of a Sabotage Night than a Cheat Night. But s'okay. Tomorrow is another day, and I won't cheat like this again 'til Christmas. :) Between dinner and drinks, we stopped at Target and wandered the aisles. We are a BARREL of LAUGHS. Love me some Cara and Kristi. (Cara, please note that I put your name first!)

Then I came home and found an email from my gorgeous friend Terri, which contained a link to make an elf of myself. So that's just what I did. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my. That is one scary Moonwalking elf!

Here I am:


Anonymous said...

Sorry. That was me posting as anonymous. Oops!

Anonymous said...

UGH. Beta. It's me. Again.

Karen K said...

i did that to the kids, that is pretty funny. have a HAPPY HOLIDAY and Merry CHRISTmas

ScrapbookDiva said...

You make a cute elf, Stacy!! ;-)

Terri said...

Wow! I just saw my name! You make a great elf Stacy! LOL!