Sunday, December 24, 2006

Two days ago, I suddenly realized that we were only 4 days shy of Christmas. So in the last 48 hours, we've:
  1. visited Santa in Sundance Square
  2. decorated a Gingerbread House
  3. wrapped umpteenhundred presents
  4. grocery shopped for Christmas Eve party and Christmas dinner
  5. taken the boys shopping for Dani and Dad
  6. created a new playlist and burned CDs for my two bested buds
  7. created the gifts I've known I was gonna make for the last 2 months for those same two buds
  8. managed to company-clean the house
  9. created and delivered a gift for our neighbors
  10. last-minute shopped for someone on our list who I almost forgot
  11. helped Cara create "Granny's Recipe" cookbook covers for her family
  12. finally called my Mom back


My kids are good for my self-esteem. Last week, Aidan was asking why I need to be on a diet. (See, my new lifestyle is a big deal in our family... we're all a part of it.) I explained to him that I want to be healthy and skinny, and BESIDES, I'm gonna be way prettier when I'm skinny. He replied, "But Mommy, I think you're pretty even when you're fat." I love that kid. :)

Today, Ian - the kid who will not give hugs and kisses - gave me a hug. I didn't even have to bribe him or nothin'! Then he said, "Mom, you have spiky thangs on your legs. You need to shave." bwahahaha (IT's WINTER. When's he gonna catch on??)

The food temptations the last few days have been killer. I haven't succombed, but I'm tellin' ya, I've been feeling reallllly deprived and cheated. And it's starting to show in my mood. Tonight at dinner, while everyone noshed on buttered honey bicuits, I threw a tantrum. "I don't feel like eating," I said. "I'm not gonna eat at all." And with that little announcement, I got up and left the table. I think everyone was in shock. Dinnertime is one of our favorite family activities. Much laughter and hilarity and conversation takes place at the dinner table. Tonight, while I sat here at the computer mindlessly surfing and reading, I didn't hear one giggle from the kitchen. I felt sorta guilty about that, knowing that I'd cast a weird cloud over everyone, but not guilty enough to go fix it.

A little while later, when Darren came into the family room to watch TV, I curled up on the couch next to him and fall asleep on his chest. I slept there for an hour and a half. Meanwhile, Dani was upstairs creating the first two pages in what will be my newest scrapbook: my weight loss journey. Her pages are titled "12 Things You Are", in honor of the 12 pounds I've lost so far:

  1. Happy
  2. Full of Life
  3. Choosing joy
  4. a great Mom
  5. fun
  6. loving your family
  8. creative
  9. giving
  10. easy to talk to
  11. faithful
  12. beautiful

I cried. Yes indeedy, I cried.
GOD, I love my kids. Thank you for blessing me with their precious hearts and souls and noses and toes.

Merry Christmas, all!
May your holiday be filled with happy surprises, zero tantrums, and as many carbs as you can bear! :D


Sue said...

I love you, you Pulchritudinous Princess. You're pretty always where it counts...

Karen said...

Merry Christmas to you. You have no idea what joy you give me by reading your blog, and we don't even know each other except from SS and I added you on Myspace. I wanted to take a minute to wish you continued luck in your weight loss. You always have such a positive attitude, and I really look up to you. After reading this blog, it's good to know you are just human like the rest of us. I would feel deprived too. It's not only your kids that think you are beautiful, so do I, in so many ways.

Rita said...

Stacy can I just say that I think you are the BOMB! You don't know me either, but I wished you lived down the street from me and we were friends. You are so wonderful and you are raising some awesome kids! Your blog means so much to me. You make me laugh, and cry and just feel. Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Elaine said...

I cried, too, and she's not even my kid. But I love her as if she was. (were?)

You inspire me, Stacy. Every day you inspire me. And I want you to know that I am incredibly, INCREDIBLY proud of what you've done the past 7-8 weeks. You are truly an amazing woman.

God bless you and your family, and may His light shine brightly upon all of you on such a glorious celebration day tomorrow. Much love to all of you. :)

Anonymous said...

Tears in my eyes too. Your kids are very special people - and that's a direct result of their wonderful parents.

Love you all!