Thursday, November 30, 2006

21 days makes a habit

This past Monday marked 21 days since I started my health challenge. 21 days since I gave up carbonated drinks, refined sugars and starches.

This, people, means that I, STACY KOCUR, have not consumed a Diet Vanilla Coke from Sonic in over three weeks. ME! I can hardly believe it myself. I haven't had Diet Coke for breakfast, even though there's been a bottle of it in my fridge most every morning. I've been drinking water. And occasionally, tea.

A few days in to my new lifestyle, I was craving Coke BAD. (You know, in Texas, all carbonated drinks are called "Cokes".) So I marched right into Target, made a beeline for the cosmetic aisle, snatched up a Bonne Bell Dr Pepper Lip Smacker, and proceeded to drool. It was as close as I could get. And it worked. I carry it in my purse, and now I have another one on the desk in my studio. It's yummy, in a "Oh-I-remember-this-taste-from-way-back-in-1979-way". I really didn't think it could get any better.

Today, I got a package from my most wonderful friend, Beth. Inside was a sweet note about being proud of me for giving up my most favorite thing... and how I can do all things through God who gives me strength... and a little something to make it easier, this:

WORD TO THE MOMMAS. This thing is DELICIOUS! If you see me walking down the street sucking on it like a pacifier, rip if from my paws. I don't need no stinkin' pacifiers!

But THIS. THIS I need.

Thanks Beth! :D :D :D


Beth said...

You think THAT one is good... you should try the orange cream. That's the one I got. YUM-OH.

Glad you like it!

ScrapbookDiva said...

Good for you, Stacy! Keep it up, girl! I'm rootin' for ya! ;-)

Jerica said...

Inspirational. Maybe i can give up diet coke for a while.... what exactly does giving up the sugars and starches mean i can't eat.... ?

Disney Scrapper said...

Stacy all I can say is ...girl you are crazy. I have this mental pic of you in Target sniffing the lip balm (lol) and having this heavenly look on your face.

Jonesee said...

Keep it up Stacy! I'm proud of you!


foleysfriend said...

Stacy ... you CAN do this. We're all cheering you on !!! Kudos to your dh for supporting you through this too.

Kaki said...

Stacy - I am so proud of you. You are looking great! But, more importantly, you are beginning a new lifestyle habit of taking better care of yourself - for your family, but most of all for you! Love you