Monday, July 17, 2006

the wall

Recently, I had the privilege of seeing a vision become reality at Fortress Youth Development Center. I'd long wanted to create a photo wall featuring the kids we minister to. Turned out, my sweet friend Cara shared the same vision. When Exec. Director Michael approached us about sprucing up the Big Room, we already had a plan in mind, and he loved it. "Go for it," he encouraged. So we did.

Weeks of planning: 5
Photos sorted through: 350
Frames purchased: 25
Minutes spent on the phone with Weezie while she worked some photo magic for me: 25
Cost of photo developing: $240
smallest photos: 8x10
largest photos: 24x36
Hours I spent installing the wall: 12
(plus 9 from Darren and 5 from Cara)
Times I almost wet myself 10 feet up a ladder when Cara made me laugh: 3
Times I almost fell off said ladder when I tripped on my gauchos: 2
Paint pens used for words: 2
Watching kids' faces as they spotted their mugs on The Wall: Worth every penny. Worth every minute.



Christy said...

Hey Stacy- good job! What a great way to raise self esteem while decorating. Tell Cara bravo as well.

Stacie said...

Stunning! Great job everyone!

ginger said...

I LOVE it!!

Menjiness said...

It is beautiful :) Wonderful job.

Martha in CA said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You all did a great job!

And can I just say that you and Oprah make me cry nearly every day! But I'm not gonna stop reading here! (I have cut back on my Oprah watching, however!)

Veronica in Aus said...

Great work Stacy, Cara and Darren!!!! Love it!

Weezie said...

..and the phone call was worth every minute, Stacy! It turned out fabulous!!! Although, you know you never need an excuse to call me. It was fun chatting again!
I notice you still used the photo of Dani and the 2 other children. Glad you did...that is a precious photo (as they ALL are).
Great job Stacy, Darren, and Cara!

Terri G said...

You guys did an amazing job! It looks great!