Sunday, July 09, 2006

the voice of truth

A couple of months ago, I received an email from an online acquaintance. It read, "Hey, we know the same person. I emailed my friend K and mentioned your scrapbook ministry, and she said, "OH! I know Stacy. She's adorable!"

Those sweet words came on the heels of another email I'd just received that blasted some pretty outrageously hateful vemon in my face. I knew the accusations were false, and yet, I started to believe that I should be punished for them. I knew that I had all kinds of people who'd have my back if I'd just allow myself to vent to them about the problem, but I didn't do it. (Still okay with that decision, actually.) I recognized that God has blessed me with countless friends and acquaintances who are quick to encourage, love and edify me. But even so, I believed the email - things which I knew to be lies, I believed anyway. I identified the attack as being a direct hit from Satan. And YET, I kept allowing myself to be hit. Over and over. I read and re-read the email, pouring salt on the wounds each time I did. WHY? I do. not. know.

Even as I'd get the kindest letters and emails that were meant to lift me up, I'd discount them. "They're just being nice," I'd tell myself.

But for some reason, the words from K kept creeping into the front of my mind. "I know Stacy. She's adorable!" Every once in a while, I'd think, "Hmph. K thinks I'm adorable." And that truth would power me through the rough spots.

I hadn't seen or spoken to K in several years, but I emailed her on Wednesday.

"I know this must sound ridiculous," I wrote, "but then again, I know that your sweet spirit embodies an understanding that I don't even have to try to reach. God used you to speak truth to me. You didn't even know it, but those few little words hung out in the back of my mind, waiting for my self-doubt and -loathing to rise up. At those times, "She's adorable" would ring out. Just as I recognized the other words as being lies of Satan, I recognized yours as being Truth from my Father.
"Of all the voices calling out to me, I will choose to listen and believe the Voice of Truth."
I've been listening. Thank you for being the Voice."

Within hours, she'd responded.

"Isn't God amazing!! And Oh how powerful are words....both for God and for Satan. My dear, you are more than adorable (although, you are totally adorable) are a daughter of the King. He created and formed you and has equipped you to do mighty things for His kingdom and you have been obedient! Stacy....thank you. Thank you for recognizing God's voice and truth and your honesty and your precious spirit. YOU ARE ADORABLE and I'm so glad that God continues to cross our paths in His random ways....that's why He is so awesome and so sovereign!!!"

There are all kinds of voices calling out to me. But I will LISTEN, and choose to believe the Voice of Truth. And even more, I will be the voice of truth to those around me.

'Cause I'm here to tell you. The Voice of Truth is MUCH more lovely to the ears and soul than the voice of lies.

Go. Be the voice of truth to someone you love. Be the voice to some random person at the grocery store. When you feel prompted to encourage someone -even in the smallest way- LET YOURSELF DO IT. Your voice might be the only one that keeps repeating itself. Your voice might be the one they finally believe.

It's powerful for all involved. Just ask K.

Just ask me.



Anonymous said...

love that God is working...and I want to use this story in our book and we'll just have to change my name! :) ly, k

Nancy D. said...

uh huh.

.....and you called me to say what *I* said was inaccurate? hmph. :D

I'm not the only one who thinks these things about you....

Love ya!

Murray & Jaime said...

I don't even know you. I "found you" thru Joe H's blog. I barely know him (went to college at ACU and was in club with Laura).

You have an amazing way with words. I loved this post! So true! Thanks for being vulnerable and also challenging us to encourage. So often I "think" nice things to say but don't "speak" them. I will pray for the courage to speak my thoughts (the nice ones) more often!

God's blessings on your week!

P.S. Your scrapbook ministry sounds cool. Could you post more details on that. I have lots of friends who scrapbook and may be interested in making it a way to serve others.

P.P.S. I think you are adorable too... You proved that in one simple blog post, I can't imagine all the other nice things I could say after knowing you well.

Kathi in AZ said...

I miss "hanging out" with you! :-)

Anonymous said...

adorable??? yes amazing?? for sure! and the anonymous K??? NOT me
but i love you just the same