Friday, July 28, 2006

an open letter to Kyla...

You'll have to come out of lurkdom and comment, because I'm on to you! Isn't it freaky how NOT anonymous the internet is? We had this discussion with our 15-year-old daughter tonight. ahem.

Anyway, I checked my stat counter tonight... something I haven't done in months... and saw that some people had visited my blog via a link on YOUR blog. And I thought, hmmm. I don't know a Kyla. So I followed the link and read what you wrote about me.

"Blogs I read: stacy: I don't even know this woman in real life. I came across her blog randomly and now I check it everyday. She usually writes about her family, but I find myself strangely connected to her and her emotions. I can identify with her, and I have a weird sense of understanding even though I have no kids. She is creative, talented, and funny. Her humor and openness leaves me longing for updates."

I cannot TELL you how uplifting your words were to me! I haven't felt like blogging all week. I logged in a few times and started to post, but each time I deleted it all and moved along. Tonight, I was stalking my favorite blogs (I read strangers' blogs too! And I never comment... 'cause then they'd think I'm a freak or somethin'. But have you ever heard of Ali Edwards? AMAZING CREATIVE scrapbooker extraordinaire and one heck of a good Momma. She seems REAL. I wish she lived next door, 'cause I swear we'd be best friends. I love her and would tackle her with a big hug if I ever ran into her at say, the airport or something. I've never met her - she's never even heard of me - and yet, I'd be devestated if anything ever happened to her. So see - we're connected in that way, too.)

ANYWAY. I haven't felt like blogging all week. I have so much to say about my trip to Tennessee. I have photos to share. But at the same time, I'm wading through a grayness right now that's washed all the color from me. (That in itself is another blog that's rolling around in my head - based on a profound analogy my friend Elaine made last weekend.) Your single paragraph made me wanna blog.

Are ya happy? I am! You say you're longing for updates. That makes me happy. You say I'm open and HUMOROUS. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. 'Cause I KNOW I've been open lately, but I gotta tell ya. I haven't felt real funny.

Thanks, Kyla. You make my day.

p.s. I created a scrapbook last fall for two retiring employees at your alma mater. The woman was the school nurse and her husband was the bus driver. Know who I'm talking about?? :)

Also... a student from your alma mater is living in my house this summer.

Small world! :)


Veronica in Aus said...

Thank you Kyla for prompting Stacy to blog :) I've been checking for updates - and nothing. So I'm glad you linked Stacy's blog and in turn inspired her to write.

Love you Stacy :)

(oh yeah, and I'm another freak who reads Ali's blog on a regular basis and never leave a comment....should do something about that one day ;))

Anonymous said...

Ali's son Simon and my dd Maddie were born the same month & year. Ali used to posted on my Babycenter January 2002 BB. She is soooo nice! (I can tell you having actually "talked" to her on a message board. LOL) You guys would be the best of friends. Just think about how much it meant to you to know Kyla was reading. Maybe you will be inspired to say hi to Ali. ;-) Keep on being are wonderful!
Melissa (aka maddiesmommy123)

Kyla said...

I was very surprised to see my name in the title of your blog today. It made me smile. The more I read the more you uplifted my spirit. I too have been in a gray area in my life. Thank you for shedding some light into my darkened tunnel. I will now comment on your blog because it is "safe." You know me know, and it won't be weird. Thank you for talking to me and letting me smile. I have not smiled continuously in a long time. I can't stop now. Thank you.
p.s. Yes, I know the people you just did for the bus driver and his wife. I've been on many trips with him the driver.

Kris in TX said...

Stace, I stalk Ali's blog too. My son has Asperger's which is on the autism spectrum, so I not only admire Ali for her amazing creativity but also for her openness about her family. Here are some others I read:

And Donna is coming to Cedar Park, that weekend of the Scrapshare thing! I'll be here with Donna, celebrating another birthday.

Blowing pink your way to clear the grey.....I know what you mean!

Christy said...

Stacy- good to see you post again. Have you given any more thought to the meds?